Gaining strategic direction with SAP Ariba Cloud European-wide

About the Client

The client was an existing on premise customer who was looking to move to the cloud and rollout to its wider business units. This strategic move would provide an opportunity to improve business processes across the organisation and gain access to the latest best practice with a simplified cloud solution.


The client had three business units, across three different countries, with three different systems and sets of processes – one of the business units was already a large Ariba on premise user. The project would involve moving the existing on premise users and two new countries to a single cloud solution where the organisation would benefit from harmonised systems and processes across the business. As each country was starting from a different current situation this would require time and effort to build an effective plan to establish the client’s present and future needs on a pan-European basis. With an existing relationship the client naturally turned to Xoomworks Procurement for strategic advice on their cloud journey, to build an efficient roadmap to support the journey – creating a plan on how phase and run a project and what components they would need to make it work.

The Solution

The client received a detailed review – the Ariba Procurement Cloud – your Procurement Assessment – with all the credentials and advice needed to start their cloud journey on a pan-European basis. It advised them on strategy and gave them a recommended plan on how to achieve a cloud project and the likely cost impact.

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