Data centre provider connects its P2P activities across Europe

About the Client

The client is one of the leading global data centre providers strategic connectivities across the Channel and over the Atlantic, as well as domestic, supporting major commercial, financial and technical hubs for various industries.


Procurement as a company-wide function was relatively new to each location across Europe until recently. Historically each department was responsible for its own purchasing decisions, within certain parameters, which resulted in a lack of overall visibility from a business point of view.

The Solution

Following a rigorous solution selection process Coupa was chosen as the most appropriate P2P software for its business model, to be used across six business entities and three countries. The main reasons for selecting Coupa are: ease of use for end-users, scalability and in-house configuration ownership.

Following a recommendation from Coupa, Xoomworks was selected as its implementation partner based on both its cultural fit and P2P business process expertise.

The main focus was to become self-sufficient for managing the solution configuration so that any required changes can be made by themselves, where required, in order to support ever-changing business requirements: “Xoomworks understood this specific drive and hekped the firm get up to speed with the technology quickly and ensured there was a swift skills transfer to the internal core team.

While a few business units are still yet to fully implement the system, Coupa is now being used for all purchase requisitions, approvals, invoices and third party spend in the majority of the business entities and has become the new way of working for P2P efficiencies with relevant internal control and efficient communication and data handling with their suppliers.

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