Creating a world-class procurement asset

About the Client

Xoomworks collaborated with a UK broadcasting giant to transform its purchase-to-pay operation into a world-class asset.

The Challenge

AP function into a ‘world class’ organisation as benchmarked independently by the Hackett Group. This meant increasing efficiency and effectiveness, balancing risk and control and engaging effectively throughout the organisation.

The Solution

The most critical part of the programme was the initial stage where ‘world class’ had to be clearly defined in the context of our client. Once everyone was bought into this concept and what it meant, the programme of work took shape. With 100+ initiatives across 11 workstreams and 30 KPIs, this was a full-scale transformation of the P2P function. These workstreams were tackled in an agile manner, building on quick wins, engaging with client resources and employing innovative solutions where appropriate.

  “When it comes to understanding what needs to be done, Xoomworks are the experts. This is not a company that will tolerate anything less than great service, and Xoomworks delivered everything we wanted. We wouldn’t have been able to get it all done without them.”  

Download the client story to read more about how the P2P function was transformed.