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Xoomworks launches it’s Retail Revenue Service Offering

by | February 18, 2013

How will you convert retail sales data into true business insight?

In today’s challenging retail environment, responding to ever changing consumer trends and marketplace realities is vital to gain a competitive advantage. Highlight key business drivers and discover new opportunities while supporting your strategy with a solution that provides true insight into your retail sales.

A lack of visibility into operational efficiencies can reduce your ability to make sound decisions, with executives and managers relying on instinct rather than solid supporting evidence to steer the business. At Xoomworks, we combine the experience gained from integrating and reporting on retail sales data with profound knowledge of the entire SAP® BusinessObjects™ product suite, to provide your users with timely, accurate and automated retail sales KPIs.

Download the full PDF version: Xoomworks Retail Service Offering

If you are interested to learn more about this service, you can talk directly to our Head of Business Intelligence, Nicolas Henry, so we can better understand what your biggest pain points are and how Xoomworks can help. Our seasoned SAP BusinessObjects experts live and breathe BI.