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What separates top Procurement performers from the rest?

by | October 2, 2012

What really separates top Procurement performers from the rest?

The mechanics are important:

  • You need the right technology – and this is constantly getting better and more complete,
  • You need accurate, up-to-date data and a process for keeping it that way,
  • You need the right number of people with the right processes in the right place.

But these things are all very mechanical. They are reasonably black and white, and they tend to either work well or not very well at all. If they don’t work well, you need to fix them, but if they do work well, they don’t in themselves create great value – they are enablers for great performance.
What really differentiates the top performers from the rest are the people in Procurement and their behaviours.

The following sections are based on Xoomworks’ research and observations as a Procurement consultancy and are supported by independent findings from behavioural research. The aim is to describe key areas that we have found distinguish top Procurement organisations from the rest, and to provide a simple example within each area of how this has been achieved..