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Webcast Procurement to the People

by | July 18, 2014

We worked as the implementation process partner for Bourne Leisure in challenging and transforming their procurement.

To know more about how all of this was achieved, join us for a joint webinar to hear Hazel Brench, project systems manager from Bourne Leisure illuminate all.

Joining the discussion panel alongside Hazel will be Alex Kleiner, General Manager EMEA of Coupa and our very own Simon Hurst Principal Solutions Consultant at Xoomworks

The topics for discussion will be:-

  • Bourne’s business drivers and challenges
  • Bourne’s strategy for getting board approval
  • How to persuade sceptics on board
  • Why suppliers came on board
  • The results, which include a higher profile for procurement

We will of course answering your questions.

Date and Time:-
Tuesday 22nd July 2014
7am PDT
10am EDT
3pm BST
Click here to join the event. We look forward to conversing with you.