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Transforming NHS back office one step at a time

by | April 4, 2018

The NHS has been under increasing financial pressure and is always in the News. It is though, a wonderful legacy for all the people of the United Kingdom and it should be kept available for future generations.

Of course, when one talks about the NHS, waiting times, patient care, delays in procedures, over-crowding, patient experience, pay and staffing discussions surrounding doctors and nursing is always prime time viewing or reading.

Occasionally we see reference to the Carter Report or the Wachter Report but certainly not to the same scale as other topics.

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) were announced in NHS planning guidance published in December 2015 and today many Trusts have still to implement a modern, integrated back office.

Of course, many Trusts have very large Procurement and Finance Directorates and there is a very finely tuned Public Contracts Regulation that requires strict adherence.

Even so, creating an environment whereby every Hospital in the UK has a fully integrated, effective and efficient back office that supports for example, real time departmental, whole hospital or whole country management of inventory and patient costing is still many, many years away.

Scan 4 Safety and GS1 is a Data Standard that requires systems to be effective. Every Ward and every Theatre in the land ultimately needs to embrace and benefit from the technology platforms that really can make a huge difference to the daily lives of clinical and back office staff.

Acquris was set up to deliver and support Clinical Excellence and Patient Care through Procurement and Supply Chain Integration and Collaboration. Acquris works with both NHS and Private Sector Healthcare organisations delivering outcomes highlighted in the Carter and Wachter Reports.

We will work with you to capture your specific requirements and show you how by stretching your thinking you can have what is already a reality in some hospitals. Whatever your current circumstances, Acquris will work with you to create an affordable step change in support of clinical excellence and patient care.

Not only will this help you prioritise your requirements within a single Department, Hospital or Trust, we’ll show you how to aggregate your Spend to squeeze out the value across the Cluster or even across multiple Clusters or indeed across your entire Acute estate.

There is no magic wand available to instantly transform the back-office environment throughout the entirety of the NHS but there are proven strategies, tools and people with the experience to make it happen for you. How much that costs is the subject of another Blog, however if you want it, you can always come and ask.

Get in touch with us and let us know your procurement challenges.