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Top Business Spend Management pre-implementation tips

by | June 16, 2020

During the business spend management implementation projects we have carried out over the years, we repeatedly encountered issues which can easily be avoided with a bit of pre-implementation preparation. Some delays can be brief and some much longer, but all end up weakening the projects’ momentum.

The better prepared an organisation is the smoother a project will run, the quicker they go-live and the greater the benefits will be from day one.

There are several high impact pre-implementation activities that can ensure the success of the digital procurement transformation project. Even though remote business spend management implementation is not ideal, it is still 100% achievable.

Pre-implementation preparation  

  • Target Operating Model Design – the success of a business spend management implementation project depends on having a proper timeline and a desired outcome. Building a target operating model will help your organisation define what you want to achieve from the project and provide a roadmap for the change. 
  • Supplier and Content Data – the effort required to cleanse master data and prepare suppliers is often underestimated. Investing in upfront identification of desired catalogue content will drive managed spend with enabled suppliers. 
  • Core Data and Policy Design – Delays during design are caused when organisations cannot agree on key data structure, such as commodity codes or key policies as approval flows. 
  • Procurement Change Management – When running your own change management activity, we often see this stream of activity start too late in the project. Some simple up-front analysis and preparatory activities can result in a much more embedded solution within the organisation. 
  • Integration – The most common cause of a delay in procurement implementation projects. A significant head start can be achieved by agreeing basic integration principles, flows and middleware options.

By having a thorough preparation before the actual implementation starts, your organisation can take advantage of all these benefits:

  • Richer content, improved data quality and more usable solution at go-live
  • Higher level of user adoption, improved content and change management
  • Higher level of spend under management
  • Lower implementation costs
  • A more productive and engaged project team
  • Timely in project decision making
  • Greater focus in project on critical, strategic decisions

Organisations are very keen to have the Source to Pay solution implemented and ready to use. It’s tempting to rush the process and set a go-live date on a very tight schedule, but sometimes accelerating the process can increase the number of problems.  Deploying a solution takes time, attention to detail and patience, that is why we recommend having a structured plan in mind before taking any decisions.

If you are interested in knowing how your organisation can gain a head start before the actual Purchase to Pay implementation project, don’t hesitate to contact us.