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Thank you to the wonderful people of Xoomworks Procurement

by | September 21, 2018

People enjoy working for certain companies for very different reasons. Some people stay with the same organisation for years because they enjoy the office atmosphere, or the after-hours social activities, for some an ever-challenging environment is what keeps them motivated, while for others doing the same thing, that they know they’re good at, offers them security. It’s never the same thing.

And the same applies to clients. Often times, there are a lot of subjective reasons why clients choose to work with certain companies, that go beyond a company’s technical skills. A client could choose a company over the other simply because they were impressed with the office environment when they came in for a business meeting.

That being said, we plan to dedicate this article to the Xoomworks Procurement team, the wonderful and skilled people that help our company grow and deliver top notch services.

A couple of weeks ago our HR team organized an internal event called “Appreciation Week” – as it’s always nice to get some heartfelt words of friendship from your colleagues, and get to do some team building activities. So, we thought we’d also ask our colleagues why they enjoy being part of the Xoomworks Procurement Team.

As it turns out they have many reasons; from learning opportunities and the motivation they get from challenging themselves, to the feeling that they are part of a warm and fun environment and surrounded by friends.

Read below some of their confessions. It comes to show that our people love being part of the Xoomworks family.

“At Xoomworks we are fortunate to have a group of very driven, similar minded individuals who take pride in delivering successful projects… I think our customers would describe our team in the same way as I do; in that our culture drives a ‘one team’ approach and with this comes collaboration and people who are always willing to help each other and support.”

Martin Denham, Operations Director

“A procurement consultancy with a strong focus on languages and communication. Four years without knowing what routine is. Growth opportunities without competition. Challenges in a fun and warm environment. Colleagues, but also friends. Family. This is what Xoomworks means to me.”

Ioana Vulturar, Team Lead – Operational Procurement Support

“I love being at Xoomworks mainly due to the fact that no day resembles another. My tasks revolve around people, whether it is solving client’s requirements or helping my team with those hard to crack cases, I get to do what I enjoy most and I get to do it surrounded by cool people with positive energies.”

Ana Anghelus, Team Lead – Operational Procurement Support

“Working at Xoomworks helped me grow as a person, grow my knowledge and improve my communication skills. Working with different projects, working with different people, learning how to improve my work and finding things that surprise me in a good way, is an excellent way to make me more and more curious about future challenges. A great part of being here is the ability to choose what I want to learn, what I am interested in, and these are not just words, they are facts.”

Andreea Lazar, Procurement Analyst

“What I love most about my job is the sense of family around our workplace. The work is hard, no doubt. Our company truly values people on a personal level, which makes the hardest days just as great. We function on principles like the Three F’s rule: Function, Flexibility, and Freedom.”

Cristina Ilies, HR Specialist

“The culture at Xoomworks is something I have never experienced before. Everyone is given the opportunity to show what they can achieve with all the freedoms you could possibly imagine. This gives me a great feeling each morning knowing that I can try new ideas and test new methodologies without any burdens or restraints. Having a can-do attitude is exactly what Xoomworks is about, they never shy away from any project even the ones that no one has tried before. I believe that this is down to the company’s approach in recruiting top talent and then coaching and mentoring those top people to become even better.”

Jeff Hocking, Inside Sales Development Manager

We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for your dedication, your effort, your loyalty and your ambition to always go the extra mile to please our clients.