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Solutions for release management in eProcurement software

by | May 15, 2019

Removing the risk of adverse impacts to your production environment, as a result of new system upgrades, is a priority for effective release management. Release Management services deliver this by managing the activity spikes when upgrades are applied and provides recommendations of new functionality that improve the use of the system.

Changes in your procure to pay tool, as well as the integration impact that may come with the new releases, are quite frequently neglected by businesses, a fact which can cause: faulty system behaviour, inability to solve issues, inability to use the system altogether, not being able to use the system to its full capability.

The upgrade of a procure to pay system is usually eagerly anticipated by our customers because it can help them solve different anomalies and it can offer them new features. It is also very frequently feared by the internal teams responsible for deployment when it comes to measuring the total impact for the business, both technically and operationally.

Challenges in eProcurement release management

  • Old systems stuck on old procure to pay versions
  • Loss of key employees which can result in ‘chaos’
  • Not having knowledgeable internal resources that can handle both new functionality and/or testing current processes
  • Not taking advantage of what’s released as new functionality

To get the most out of your investment from a procure to pay solution, it is very important to have a functional communication between different departments. This aspect enables the business to have a deeper understanding of the benefits of these new version releases.

Solutions for release management

  • Having a skilled team with broad procurement knowledge that can test your systems (can be an in-house team or third party collaboration)
  • Impact analysis for the new functionalities that are being introduced
  • Assessing which new functionality might be applicable to the business
  • Trying to find defects and inconsistencies before the new upgrade is applied in their production system
  • Having a tailored test script for your internal processes

In order to be on top of each procurement system version upgrade we advise our customers to have a two steps approach. Having a detailed version upgrade schedule can come very handy. It should include an analysis of the technical and business impacts, unit tests and end to end tests, a build up timing of test environments and production, stages of communication to users and training of key-users. Also, a resource plan can help you to become better organised pre-deployment. And finally, we also recommend an in-depth analysis of the impact a new version might have, conducted by both the technical and business teams.

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