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Setting up the foundation for your procurement software implementation

by | July 6, 2021

After having established your vision for your procurement transformation , obtained board approval and selected your implementation partner, it is now time to start thinking about building the project team structure and mobilising resources. However, sometimes this process can be quite challenging.

Success will depend on getting the right people and resources in place. How can you ensure that you’re off to a good start and don’t waste time and recourses along the way? Your implementation partner should be able to advise you on what types of resources will be required and what capabilities they should have. How can you rapidly build a collaborative culture? You will need to ensure that individuals are identified and assigned to roles within the project structure.

Mobilising resources and building a new team is a sum of many parts. This is why our experienced procurement consultants have come up with five steps to help you set the foundation for a successful Source to Pay implementation project:

1. Identify Resources.

The resources you need will depend on the scope and complexity of your implementation. However, there are some key roles that apply in all cases. The resources will need the right skills, knowledge and time to commit to the project tasks they are required to carry out.

2. Build the Project Team.

A high-performance project team should typically be based on a predefined model in which roles and responsibilities are clearly defined for every side involved in the implementation process (client, software provider, implementation partner/s etc), so as to support the new procurement technology transformation.

3. Key Roles and Responsibilities.

There are several roles in a Source to Pay implementation project team that need to be filled in. As mentioned above, you should consider both the roles that need to be filled in by people from your own organization and those that need to be covered by your implementation partner and software provider.

4. Other Resources.

Besides having the right people, your project will also need additional resources like meeting rooms for events, IT resources such as laptops or other useful resources needed along the journey. You should consider these at this stage of the process.

5. Key Success Factors.

There are several factors that can affect the success of the project, such as capabilities, knowledge, backfill etc, and these should be also taken into account when forming the team.

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