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SAP Ariba – The Xoomworks Guide to Ariba Guided Buying

by | March 26, 2018

What is Guided Buying?

SAP Ariba Guided Buying brings buyers and suppliers together to streamline procurement processes. By supporting your employees to follow procurement guidelines – without the need to read them first – you can assist them in quickly and easily buying goods and services from preferred suppliers with very little hands-on support from your procurement teams.

With this built-in capability of SAP Ariba procurement solutions, you can:

  • Use integrated supplier performance management tools to expand supplier participation
  • Collaborate with suppliers directly through different buying channels
  • Embed rules to ensure the buying process is compliant with your procurement policies

You’ll also increase adoption of your SAP Ariba procurement platform because all users, from the one-offs to the everyday buyer, will find the buying experience easier and more satisfying.

How do you enable Guided Buying?

The key to a successful SAP Ariba Guided Buying enablement project is to partner with a team who have extensive knowledge of how to enable, embrace and enjoy Guided Buying. This ensures that your configuration will deliver optimum efficiency for your organisation whilst increase automation for many of your manual tasks. In parallel to this the aim should be to bring together the whole Source to Pay process to work in harmony with your Ariba Guided buying implementation.

Do you need Guided Buying?

If your users have access to all the following, then you probably don’t need Guided Buying:

Convenient Buying Experience

A single place for both the occasional and frequent buyer to buy all goods and services.

Compliant & Transparent Environment

An easy way to direct users to the right items, the right policies, and preferred suppliers.

Collaborative Platform

A robust sourcing engine that powers self-service collaboration with preferred suppliers.

Automated User Guidance

Built-in smart guidance for policies and a buying channel process that’s integrated to supplier management.

If you do not have these structures in place, perhaps it’s time to look at what options you have to up your game.

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