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SAP Ariba SNAP – delivered by Xoomworks

by | November 28, 2018

In a volatile economic environment with pressure on increasing share price value and declining profit margins, it can be hard to find the time to focus on making savings and achieving efficiencies. Businesses are additionally faced with continuous challenges from areas such as:

  • Gaps in current technology infrastructure
  • Businesses challenging Procurement Directorates
  • Regulatory challenges
  • Poor internal processes
  • Shortfalls in commercial and strategic capability

Challenges for SME’s

Even though we are mainly referring to large companies and their procurement functions, small and mid size organisations are also in need of a procurement strategy and modern procurement tools. The main problems companies are facing: too many manual processes and paper, limited adoption and use of preferred suppliers, insufficient financial reporting and controls.

E-procurement started being necessary for big, large organisations, but small and medium sized companies also need tools that can improve their procurement performance. The typical challenges in implementing a procure to pay solution for the SME’s are functionality of the solution, cost of deployment and speed of deployment.

Historically, Ariba cloud solutions have been exclusively used by big companies who have had the luxury of being able to afford best-in-class software systems, but with SAP Ariba SNAP mid market companies and SME’s can now acquire a solution that meets their needs and, more importantly, budget. SAP Ariba Snap provides, in essence, the same solution as SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing. The main difference is the deployment methodology (only 12 weeks). The solution is designed to target companies with an annual purchase volume of around $100m-$500m or revenue of around $250m-$1bn.

Let’s see how it works….

  • Very easy to use, no need for training for the end user, simple just like buying things as a consumer
  • From day 1 you have same set categories based on your industry (preconfigured  office supplies, advertising and printing services, marketing services, financial services, legal & HR services, travel, IT goods and services, etc.
  • Goods and services are easy to find and to purchase
sapr ariba snap

Ariba Snap has the possibility to host any other type of catalog: level 1, 2 or punch outs directly in the solution. The catalog (Ariba Spot-Buy catalog) is able to connect your organisation to millions of suppliers, locally, globally or wherever your business takes you. A great plus is the fact that the Spot Buy catalog is ready to use on day 1.

Is Ariba Snap good for your company?

Using this solution will make the buying process easier and more transparent by adopting an easy to use tool whilst creating a more robust procurement system.

SAP Ariba Snap allows for:

  • Requests for quotes
  • Side-by-side comparison of supplier quotes
  • Ability to award bid
  • Quote-to-requisition capability

Transforming a procurement department is not easy, but once it happens, your procurement function is on the path of becoming a world class procurement function. One of the advantages of Ariba SNAP is the easy implementation of the solution. The 12-week implementation is divided into six 2-week “sprints.” Each sprint has different business objectives and outcomes that need to be fulfilled before moving on to the next sprint.

After implementing a spend management solution your organisation can now make the most out of that investment with our spend management optimisation solution. This service gives you a KPI dashboard with results fed back to you in the context of success metrics and business case objectives.

If Ariba Snap sounds interesting for you and your organisation, let’s have a conversation about how can we help you achieve your procurement goals!