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SAP Ariba SLP – Risky Business Meets its End

by | March 27, 2018

 What is SLP?

SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SAP Ariba SLP) is an innovative supplier lifecycle management tool. Its capabilities are integrated within your procurement processes to help you push spend to preferred suppliers and increase compliance for your entire supply base.

SAP Ariba SLP provides…

  • a single, accurate supplier record
  • a simple way for suppliers to maintain their own information
  • the ability to manage suppliers based on specific parameters
  • a way to operate with speed and consistency in the entire procurement process

What is the best way to get the most from SLP?

To gain the most from a move to SAP Ariba SLP we recommend engaging with a 3rd party who has extensive experience in managing, configuring and supporting SAP Ariba Cloud migrations. Particularly those with a strong focus on strategy and change management as this will deliver procurement outcomes not just technical go-lives.

If you want to move from your existing Supplier Management solution to SAP Supplier Lifecycle Performance, an experienced third party can help support both your configuration and migration. Also, if you are looking to incorporate Supplier Risk into your processes, experts are well positioned to deliver this more effectively through previous lessons learned and wins gained.

Am I ready for SLP?

If you already have the following, then it might not be something that you currently need:

2-way sync with ERP – With bi-directional synchronization between your ERP and SAP Ariba, your vendor data is kept up to date and consistent.

Integration with apps – Seamless integration with SAP Ariba procurement applications keeps your supplier qualification and segmentation consistent.

Self-service for suppliers – Suppliers can maintain their own information via the Ariba Network, providing you with a high degree of confidence in the data.

Vendor master in the cloud – Vendor records shared between you and your supplier stay current, with near real-time updates for supplier creation, changes, and deactivation between systems.

Matrix-based management – A flexible matrix for supplier qualification and segmentation lets you customize by category, location and business unit.

If your current systems do not have these features and capabilities then perhaps it’s time to look at what benefits are available to you today.

Want to learn more about how to get the most out of your SAP Ariba cloud solution? Leave us a message at [email protected] and one of our procurement experts will get in touch with you.