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Remote cloud – Procurement software implementation methodology

by | May 11, 2020

The way we store and manage spend data is ever changing, disruptive productivity suites such as Microsoft Office 365 has led to the migration of long-standing desktop applications to the cloud. Individuals are becoming more and more expectant of their remote technology to support them in this hyper-connected world.

But what does the remote cloud actually mean for organisations?  What are the key differences between deploying the cloud remotely compared to the more traditional on-premise approach?

In order for companies to reap the benefits of an agile remote cloud procurement software implementation, they need to recognise that a special approach is required.

Our procurement consultants started implementing remote cloud procurement projects back in 2011. Since then the effectiveness of our remote procurement software implementation projects have grown exponentially.

XoomCloud Methodology

Our procurement experts have developed a remote methodology specifically built for cloud procurement software implementation. It reduces risk, speeds up implementation and allows you to monitor everything remotely, in one place.

This methodology has been developed over the years specifically around source to pay and purchase to pay implementations with experiences and insights from more than 50 implementations in the cloud.


  • Reduces risk through a remote gateway methodology based on more than fifty cloud implementations
  • Provides up-front remote transparency so everyone knows what needs to be done, when and by whom
  • Reduces project costs through a more complete and rapid pre-project planning, as well as a more effective remote implementation approach
  • Improves customer success as change management is built in from day one, and clients see a more iterative and agile approach
  • Balances the agility of the cloud with remote project governance rigor
  • It’s a living methodology so it is constantly updated with best practice

XoomCloud provides a process which is managed through a series of gateways in order to achieve your business case goals. Each one must be completed before moving onto the next stage. This structure ensures your spend management project stays on track and that nothing is lost to human error.

In order to have continuous delivery improvement, every project phase transition incorporates lessons learned, with defined actions and follow-ups. Also, every project has formal project closes with further lessons learned activities.

Adapting your individual and business mind-set is very important when considering a move to the cloud. You must take time to understand, in depth, what the solution you are implementing does and its starting point.

If you want to know more about XoomCloud and how it can help your business reduce costs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our procurement consultants!