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Meet the Team – Martin Denham, Operations Director Procurement Consulting

by | February 28, 2017

Xoomworks Procurement celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Operations Director, Martin Denham, with an interview  –  as we’d like you to know more about the amazing people who make the projects come to life.

How have things changed since you joined?

I joined Xoomworks back in 2006 and joined a team of about ten others as a principle procurement consultant. Things were very different back then – both at Xoomworks and regarding the type of work we were delivering. For starters, when people talked about cloud they meant the weather and when we talked about the Xoomworks office, we meant the ONE office we had in London.

Since I joined over ten years ago, we have grown the practice both in numbers and geographically. We now have a procurement consulting team of around 80 people and we have offices in the UK, France, Romania and Bulgaria. It’s been a very exciting ten years and being part of this rapidly growing, innovative organisation keeps us all on our toes every day of every week, month and year.

How has your role changed since joining Xoomworks?

When I joined Xoomworks, a large part of our team was focussed on the technical requirements of implementing a software solution. We had a skillset which was technology focussed with consultants who wrote java code – me included. This space has changed so rapidly; with new technologies and mind sets that are all about moving to the cloud and user experience driving adoption. Growing alongside Xoomworks, I moved from a consulting role into head of technology, to what I do now as Operations Director, focussed on us having capable and efficient teams who can deliver our value proposition using innovative and rapid methodologies.

What you like most about working at Xoomworks?

At Xoomworks we are fortunate to have a group of very driven, similar minded individuals who take pride in delivering successful projects. We do a great job in recruitment and have consultants from all backgrounds; technologists, project managers, ex-heads of procurement who all manage to come together as a very strong team. I think our customers would describe our team in the same way as I do; in that our culture drives a ‘one team’ approach and with this comes collaboration and people who are always willing to help each other and support.

Is there anything you are particularly proud of ?

I am particularly proud of us being nominated as best service provider, Procurement Leaders 2013 and delivering a large transformation project taking one of our clients to not only Best in Class but top in the UK.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I reached ten years old, I realised I was never going to be a racing driver and have always been into technology. Technology is amazing and is an integral part of our lives and everything we do. I am very aware of phrases such as ‘garbage in – garbage out’ however, and have always pushed for the technology to be the spring board and not the solution to the universe on its own.

Outside of work what do you love?

Outside of work I like to spend as much time as I can with my family – my kids seem to be getting older at a serious rate of knots! I love to ski and play golf, and have recently taken up running. We have a number of Xoomies who are very serious runners and they have inspired me to sign up for the London Marathon this April. I am running for a charity called Refuge who support women and children who are in the terrible situation where they are having to deal with physical abuse. I have managed to raise over £1600 so far and hope to raise more.