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Meet the Team, Delia Demian, OPS TL, supplier enablement projects

by | August 5, 2019

August’s meet the team section features Delia Demian, one of our Operational Procurement Support Team Leads, based in Cluj-Napoca. Delia is a true professional, always happy to help our clients and colleagues. She has 2 cats, loves playing video games and reading.

1. Tell us about your time/journey in Xoomworks

I started working in Xoomworks in May 2016 as a Junior support analyst. My journey started with participating in supplier enablement projects, catalogue enablement and moved on to Service Desk as I became a Senior. Currently I am a Team Lead and am working on implementation projects as well as leading two service desk projects.

2. What do you like most about working at Xoomworks?

I have always liked the fact that no day is like the previous or the next one. Our projects require a lot of working with people which is very rewarding and never gets dull. Each day is a new opportunity for growing both your soft skills and your technical skills. On the other hand, I really love the sense of community we have in Xoomworks. My colleagues are some of the best people I have met. I am proud to say that I am working with such capable young professionals.

3. Let’s talk about your team. Who are they and what makes them special?

I have a lovely team comprised of 3 team members. They each have their own unique style and are skilled in supplier enablement, service desk and training other colleagues as well as clients. We focus on being a team and learning new things together. As I tell them every chance I get, I am very proud of them!

4. Are there any projects that you are particularly fond of?

It’s hard to say as all projects have a unique element to them, however, I think my favorite this far has been the first service desk I ever worked on. That project gave me the opportunity to manage a team before I was a team lead, learn more about providing quality work and re-organizing my priorities.

5. Outside of work what do you love?

Outside of work I love to have fun and try as many new things as possible. I have two cats that I adore, amazing friends with whom I trade music and go to festivals, but when I spend time alone, I mostly paint. My sport of choice is jogging and my eternal quest is to find the right pair of shoes for said jogging. I enjoy playing video games, reading as many books as I can and traveling as much as possible.