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Meet the Team – Ana Anghelus, Team Lead OPS

by | June 6, 2018

June’s Meet the Team interview features Ana, one of our Operational Procurement Support Team Leads, based in Cluj. Ana is a born leader, with great people management skills and a fun, energetic person outside the office, always making people smile and have a good time around her.

Tell us about your time/journey in Xoomworks

My journey in Xoomworks started in August 2016 when I joined the Technology department as Inside Sales Specialist. A few months later, I applied for the Team Lead position that was available in the Procurement department and that has been my title since March 2017. As part of the OPS department, I get to combine leadership with delivery on various projects related to services we offer to our clients. This means I am always involved in different activities: you can find me running to a meeting or joining Skype calls to discuss future projects or helping a colleague solve cases on Service Desk.

What do you like most about working at Xoomworks? 

Open-heartily I can say that out of all the companies I have worked for in the past, both in Romania and abroad, Xoomworks fits me like a glove. I am truly grateful to have had the chance to work on both departments, understand how the company functions and learn about its history, meet the people that started and developed this business. Also, I’m grateful for the mentors I have had since I started working here. In the first few months I have learned more about business management and what it takes to be a good leader than in all the years spent in school or other work places.

I love saying that Xoomworks is not a corporation because indeed it is a different kind of company. There is openness towards upper management, not many can say that their managers take you out for drinks each time they visit Cluj (which happens quite often) or participate in Team Buildings and attend parties.

Last but not least, I get to work with my friends on a daily basis and this is why Xoomworks is a special place for me.

Are there any projects that you are particularly fond of?

To be honest, my oldest project is also the one I am fondest of. I took ownership of the project from colleagues of mine and spent hours together with the team to improve our performance and deliver spotless services.  Since then, the contract has been renewed and we are expanding our collaboration with this client. And what’s most important to me, I have a strong team working on the project, I have seen many of them grow and am looking forward to provide them with new opportunities.

Let’s talk about your team. Who are they and what makes them special? 

Let me begin by saying my team is the absolute best. When I started as a Team Lead on OPS, I had 3 team members and shortly after we recruited 3 more. They are each special and unique in their own way and still, similar in many others. We are a very beautiful puzzle and consider ourselves as family. We do fun things together, from lunch dates with the entire team, to “Kitch Mondays”, birthday parties, bowling or our latest adventure, team building at a shooting range.

They are all ambitious and hardworking, I mentor them to help discover their strengths and weaknesses and improve their performance. I have seen them grow tremendously in the past year and that is my biggest accomplishment.

What are your hobbies? What do you like doing in your free time?

My favorite hobbies are bossing people around, drinking coffee and listening to Drake, not particularly in that order. Anyone that truly knows me will agree with this statement. Also, a big fan of cars, motorcycles and dogs. Looking forward to the day I can dedicate the time to raise a puppy.

Love travelling and exploring new cultures, I try to visit at least 2 new countries each year. Most of my free time is spent outside with friends, either hiking or lounging on a patio.