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Managing the Financial Supply Chain: Why CPOs should care

by | March 16, 2017

Running a successful Financial Supply Chain could have a huge impact on the way you could generate significant savings across your business. But knowing how is not always easy.

Our latest White Paper provides insight into how your Financial Supply Chain has the potential to make your business more competitive – improving working capital, reducing CoGS and improving operational efficiencies.

In the White Paper we investigate:

What is the Financial Supply Chain?

We include a definition from the Aberdeen Group and discuss what the terms means.
What has happened to the availability of working capital since the Financial Crisis in 2008?
A summary of changes in since 2008 and its effects on the cost and availability of working capital.

How a CPO is affected by the Financial Supply Chain Management

We discuss how Finance often dictates the way Procurement operates and look at the impact of working capital constraints, the Cost of Goods reduction and buyer and supplier operational efficiencies.

Why and how a CPO should influence how the Financial Supply Chain is managed

The traditional CPO role has changed immeasurably and in progressive organisations today the CPO is often tasked with the management and reduction of costs and risk, extending to include a clear contribution to business strategy and competitiveness.

Tools to help the CPO manage the Financial Supply Chain more effectively

There are a host of ways technology can support the CPO and have a greater impact for the Financial Supply Chain. From Cloud to machine learning and big data – the massive leaps in technology are helping organisations analyse situations faster and quicker.

Download the White Paper now and find out what our financial supply chain technology can do to influence your business strategy.