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Managed Services – Its all a load of Balls!

by | February 27, 2013

People often ask us ‘what do you do’ within the Xoomworks Procurement Managed Services practice – so we thought we would show you using our ‘ball theory’.

Typically we work for Procurement and Finance teams within global and SME (small/medium) organisations that need to find a way to balance the needs of their business user community and the constraints of the procurement software they are using. Some of the big software player here are Ariba, Coupa & SAP.

Some of operations (balls to you and me!) will be run internally (often by Level 1 Support Teams) but often some or all of the support and development (Level 2′s and 3′s) of the software will be provided by an MSP (Managed Service Provider) like us . As you can imagine the management of who is doing what and how they interact with each other is often at the heart of the success (or failure) of this part of your business. Managed Service Leaders often have a difficult “juggling” act of what to keep ‘in-house’ and what can be better serviced by engaging a specialist MSP.

Going back to the original question of ‘what we do’ – well its simple – we can help provide specialist Procurement Managed Services skills to help keep your balls perfectly aligned, up in the air (so to speak) and at times working in perfect flow with each other.

Through our years of procurement support experience (and clients that have stayed with us and given us fantastic feedback) we like to feel that when you introduce the Xoomworks MS team into the equation we will help bring real ‘governance’, ‘management’ and ‘ITIL core practice’ to your operation and often introduce new levels of additional value that weren’t there before – think of it as a specialist pair of hands that will help keep ‘the balls’ circulating in a way that will allow you:

‘Free hands’ for your teams to work on your core business
Security that a dedicated and expert team are servicing your balls

Hopefully this has been a useful introduction and an opportunity for us to share links to our Xoomworks website. Over the coming weeks we will begin to share more detailed comments on all things #procurement #managedservices and #balls. In the meantime if you have friendly questions for us or ideas on what we could provide to you to make your lives easier then please do let us know.