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How to build a successful Source to Pay Blueprint

by | June 22, 2020

When embarking on a Source to Pay transformation journey we always recommend having a Source to Pay blueprint.

The success of Source to Pay and Purchase to Pay projects, deeply depend on your organisation having:

  • A clear vision of the future state of your digital procurement function that will lead and influence your technology investment and project
  • Selected a technology solution that will meet its diverse requirement while avoiding unnecessary complexity
  • Built a strong business case based on an accurate estimate of project’s likely cost and timelines.

The best way to achieve this is to build and invest in a Source to Pay Blueprint. 

What is a Solution Blueprint? 

A solution blueprint enables your organisation to frame your procurement vision and the purpose for your project, so your organisation can build an effective and complete RFP in preparation for the implementation.

What should a Solution Blueprint provide?  

  1. Baseline Procurement Solution (user cases and process flows, technical architecture)
  2. Critical technology features and functions 
  3. Anticipated technology gaps 
  4. Localised requirements and variations
  5. Platform shortlisting recommendations on how to evaluate solutions 
  6. Change management & organisational readiness assessment 
  7. The basis for a business case 
  8. Analysis of the Impact on the Procurement Target operating Model 

A Source to Pay blueprint should focus on technology but may include the impacts the procurement technology has on the organisation’s structure, function, processes, etc.

Over the years our procurement experts had encountered numerous situations where having a solution blueprint helped immensely the overall Source to Pay implementation project. Our client successfully used the Source to Pay blueprint to identify where difficult process changes would need to be implemented. These were dealt with at a steering group level pre-project so when the implementation started the focus was fully on the design, saving weeks of workshops and lengthy decision making. Also, preparing in advance for things like understanding how the delegation of authority can be mapped to the current ways or aligning commodity structure saves time and money.

If you are interested in knowing more about how a Source to Pay blueprint can save you precious time, resources and money, don’t hesitate to reach out!