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Ensuring an effective S2P solution design to support your business

by | August 24, 2021

S2P Solution design is focused on realising your business case and turning your business processes and high-level requirements into a detailed system design that will deliver an optimised solution that supports your organisation.

Based on over 600 successful Source to Pay implementations, we propose the following principles to drive your solution design process:

noun_process_3249802 (1)Process-driven design: Design is led by business process and business case requirements. Understanding how the organisation buys goods and services and refining these methods will ensure processes are optimised with the new system.

noun_process_2473928Iterative design process: Solution playbacks provide a quick and effective approach to validation. When designing a system, it is one thing to document the proposed design, and quite another to see it in action. For this reason, our consultants recommend an iterative approach to design that involves building mock-ups or demos of the design, incorporated into a test system, using actual client data.

noun_decisions_2481159Educated decision making: Ensure informed decisions are made. Making the correct design decisions depends on having a good understanding of both the way your business operates and how the system works. Therefore it is essential to upskill the project team taking part in the solution design. Xoomworks’ XoomCloud methodology is continually updated to reflect the experience of over 600 completed rollouts, with feedback on best practice from project managers being incorporated in the templates and toolkits.

noun_Magnifying Glass_50744 (1)Adequate preparation: Effective activities in place to ensure success. Some preparation is essential to facilitate the design, and to ensure the delivered design meets your needs and leverages the technology capabilities: data gathering, user training, client preparation. These steps feed into the design workshops and can increases your ownership of the final design.

noun_management_569485 (1)Workshop management: Conduct efficient and effective workshops. Workshops should be held to analyse the buying channels, including specific methods for requesting, receiving, and invoicing for products or services in each category. Our XoomCloud methodology brings a schedule of workshops, together with templates covering the agenda/topics/output for each workshop, providing a significant head start to the project. Optimising processes is as much part of the design as finding technology-based solutions.

noun_Documentation Folder_1527193Documentation: Deliver comprehensive and essential documents for sign off and post go-live. Documentation may often be undervalued in projects and while it needs to be lean, it forms an essential basis for moving from one phase of the project to another. The following documents are a key tool for understanding and coverage of all business requirements and how they have been met: business documents, configuration documents, integration requirements documents and Master Data workbook. With a detailed review and sign off by the client they will cement the acceptance and ownership of the design.

noun_yes_4114570Sign off: Complete based on full understanding of process and technology. The iterative design process, led by business process and underpinned by informed decision making should make the sign off straightforward. The design process is finalised by conference room pilot, documentation walkthrough and internal peer review. With a fully understood and approved design, the project can move to the next phases of build and test.

A comprehensive solution design will clarify how you want to work with the new S2P solution and will ensure your business objectives are all addressed. Taking you through a proven methodology, based on Xoomworks’ experiece, your business processes, business case and high-level requirements will be captured into a detailed system design.

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