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E-procurement tools: Get excited about new releases

by | November 29, 2017

The upgrade of a Procure to Pay tool is often eagerly awaited by our customers because it is synonymous with correcting anomalies, and the provisioning of new features. It is however often feared by the teams in charge of deployment when it comes to measuring the total impact to the business (technical and operational).

In order to take the risk and anxiety out of each procurement system version upgrade, we offer our customers the following best practice service:

  1. A detailed version upgrade schedule that integrates:
    1. the analysis of the technical and business impacts
    2. unit tests and end-to-end tests
    3. a build-up timing of test environments and production
    4. stages of communication to users
    5. training of key-users
    6. change management
  2. A resource plan (business, IT, external):
    1. Before validating the deployment of a new version, we recommend that an in-depth analysis of the impacts is conducted by the technical and business teams.
    2. It is measured with the following elements:
      • Integration Impact Analysis
        • modification of interfaces based on changes in integrated fields
        • changing data loading formats
      • Analysis of business impacts
        • presentation of new features
        • non-regression analysis of the current configuration

To get the most out of your investment from a Procure to Pay solution, it is essential to join departments up, this enables the business to really understand the benefits of these version releases.

SAAS vendors cannot guarantee the durability of all versions and include more and more limited maintenance clauses to some versions in their contracts. The strategy of caution observed a few years ago is out of date today as the environments are in constant evolution, this includes simple tools such as internet browsers which we use as a gateway to most of todays platforms.

How do YOU secure your version upgrades?

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