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Why SMEs benefit from a specialist procurement partner – faster and more agile processes

by | April 26, 2022

Increasingly, mid-market companies are navigating digital transformation initiatives and taking the step to transform their procurement. They are taking the decision to implement a Purchase to Pay/Source to Pay solution and business agility is essential. This trend follows a desire to remain competitive and agile whilst optimising their procurement functions and delivering savings.

From the conversations with our customers, we identified the top 7 reasons why mid-market companies choose a specialist procurement partner such as Xoomworks for their procurement implementation project. The first part of this blog series focuses on building long-term relationships that do make a difference. You can find more information about each one of these in our new eBook ‘The best of both worlds’.

Faster and more agile

Here we will focus on the importance of being agile. For a better understanding of why it’s worth the investment, it’s necessary to understand what we mean by agility. As your business never stands still, your requirements are more than likely to change during the lifetime of a project. In doing so, you need a team that’s agile and which can respond quickly without dragging you through a slow and expensive change request process. Xoomworks’ access to a diverse pool of talent has meant we are able to react quickly and ramp-up requirements, and as part of Accenture that capability has been expanded significantly.

Being more agile in a procurement context means minimising associated risks. While care does not translate directly into success, it certainly supports it, and specialist consultancies can offer less risk by doing what they do well – providing specialist skills. With the right people, tools, and experience, project risks or other issues are more likely to have been encountered before. In addition, risk is further reduced when the specialist consultancy has the advantage of operating under the umbrella of a global SI. For procurement technology implementation, it provides access to a wider pool of specialist resources and industry talent, if required.

The trust built by having a single team blended with your own internal resources allows you to collaborate and react to circumstances quickly and cost-effectively. Today’s procurement business’ reality is all about doing things faster and embracing digital transformation.

Talk to the experts

Xoomworks is a specialist consultancy with experts who live and breathe the world of procurement. This means they absolutely understand what you’re trying to achieve. The people assigned to your project have deep experience of procurement and are quicker to understand your challenges. The team at Xoomworks are experienced professionals, many with over 20 years in procurement and with extensive in-house training in our technologies and methodology.

While software vendors undoubtedly have knowledge of their specific product, Xoomworks’ inherent understanding of procurement and the technology it supports is an asset to your business. We can offer an implementation-focused service to midmarket organisations as part of Accenture, or delivery within an enterprise-wide transformation programme.

If you want to learn more about building faster and more agile procurement processes, download our eBook.

Want to find out if Xoomworks Procurement, part of Accenture, is the right fit for your business needs? Send your questions to our procurement experts at [email protected].