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A roundtable discussion on Procurement

by | July 17, 2014

He presented alongside a very impressive assembly including representatives from both the private and public sector. These included Nigel Clifford, CEO, who started by debating the use of Data Analytics for Business Transformation in Procurement. Following on was a contribution from Peter Smith of Spend Matters and also Martin Kochman, Partner at PA Consulting. Martin debated the world of business transformation and how analytics are at the heart of leading business service functions in support or delivering real value.

Simon Hurst, spoke specifically about a couple of specific cases. He presented examples of how business transformation in Procurement specifically had been achieved and the role of business intelligence in both aligning Procurement with the Company vision. He also debated changing behaviours to ensure the transformation ultimately delivers not just the expected benefits but doing so on an ongoing basis. It is always good to present actual cases rather than talking in abstract terms.

Ultimately we discussed how analytics can be unitized by every sector of a business and not just an add-on tool in a folder of processes for making decisions. We particularly like that Simon referred to the fact that analytics is no longer the terrain of ‘Tefal-Heads’ Thanks Simon that defiantly made us smile!

The core sentiment being that organisations able to weave analytics with workflow, Lean and SixSigma into the very fabric of their culture are those best able to realise ongoing value for their business.
It was a truly great session with fantastic contributions least of all Simon’s. We look forward to the next one.