3 Stages on a successful e-procurement implementation journey

It’s not just about the implementation!

Most organisations focus heavily on the “during” stage of an e-procurement implementation, putting their efforts and attention on this part of the journey. However, the two areas that get the least attention, but are as equally as important, are “Before” and “After”.

Stage 1 – The start of the journey

Let’s go back to basics. You’re an organisation and you’ve selected a Source to Pay product – what are the key things to consider before you begin the e-procurement implementation of that product?

Stage 2 – During the journey

Challenges of e-procurement implementation – the underlying principal that organisations fall down on when implementing an e-procurement software solution is that they view it as a system implementation rather than a change programme. Procurement touches all businesses and suppliers in a way that no other system does. Behaviour and stakeholder engagement is key.

Stage 3 – The final leg of the journey

Generally, once organisations go live with a new system, there is a large sigh of relief and they relax. Now you need to make the most of your new system. Going live with a source to pay solution is day one – now you need to deliver the benefits.

Download the “3 Stages on a successful S2P implementation journey” eBook and learn what key areas you should focus on during all 3 stages and how you can ensure a balance of effort throughout an e-procurement implementation project.

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