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Learning Materials

Get the latest from our knowledge hub on procurement best practices on strategic sourcing, supplier management, e-procurement and much more.

3 Stages on a successful e-procurement implementation journey

Most organisations focus heavily on the “during” stage of a procurement software implementation, putting their efforts and attention on this part of the journey. However, the two areas that get the least attention, but are as equally as important, are “Before” and “After”.

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The Quest for Sourcing Excellence

How to approach your sourcing process and manage resources effectively and efficiently to maximise savings and create value faster.

The potential for cost savings and the route to achieving profitability goals lies in a well-designed, well-implemented procurement strategy.

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Digital Procurement Mega Trends

Learn from experts on how you can incorporate the latest digital trends into your procurement function.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation are some of the digital trends that are set to fundamentally influence and change the way we work going forward.

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Top 10 Procurement Processes To Be Digitised

Learn from experts how to increase effectiveness for the whole procurement function.

Find out what are the top 10 processes that, if digitised, promise new and enhanced levels of procurement performance and free-up your team to focus on activities that really make a difference!

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Infographic: A modern and fast alternative to conventional supply chain finance

We’ve come up with 6 good reasons to make the switch from conventional bank SCF programmes to modern Fintech solutions like Taulia Business Exchange.

Learn how you can manage 100% of your invoices through one powerful platform, while maintaining flexible financing options, customised to your needs.

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The 7 Steps to Procurement Excellence

Learn from experts how to increase effectiveness for the whole procurement function This 7 step process can guide you to embark on a journey of transformation and increased effectiveness for the whole procurement function. Two of our top consultants have combined their knowledge in creating an eBook that brings together the 7 steps to achieving […]

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