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eProcurement Release Management

Xoomworks' Release Management service helps companies manage the process of upgrading their cloud procurement systems and reduces risk and effort on the client side while maximising benefits through identification of new features and functionality.

Removing the risk of adverse impacts to your Production environment as a result of new upgrades is a priority for effective release management. Xoomworks’ Release Management service delivers this through complete regression testing when upgrades are applied to identify any potential issues. At the same time our team of system experts highlight new features and functions to ensure you can make the most of your new system.

What We Offer

Cloud Release Management

Cloud Release Management

Xoomworks has over 16 years’ experience in delivering release management services for Cloud eProcurement systems. Release management for cloud systems is a very different challenge to on premise systems. Rather than having releases years apart, with cloud systems they can occur several times a year. The benefits of our cloud release management service include:

  • Reduction of internal effort and cost as it will free up potentially expensive internal resources for more strategic activity
  • Identification and promotion of new functionality which will improve the end user experience and increase the use of the system
  • Reduced risk as it will dramatically reduce the risk of key processes within the system from working incorrectly

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