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Cognitive Analytics

Increase profitability through better use of your spend data.
Incorporating machine learning for exceptionally quick and accurate analysis.

Xoomworks has partnered with the leading cognitive analytics solution provider, Spend360 (now part of Coupa).

By combining cutting edge AI with hands-on procurement savings initiatives, Xoomworks can help you to significantly cut your costs:

  • Delivering savings from 8 weeks onwards (with data cleansed in the first few weeks)
  • Potential price savings increase by more than 10%
  • Flexible commercial models such as gainshare that reflect our confidence in delivery

Whether your aim is to reduce risk, increase savings or improve working capital, Xoomworks works with you to develop a clear, practical strategy, delivery plan and then execution to turn your data analysis into real change

Our Solution

Get it

Xoomworks collate data from multiple sources, countries, languages and commodity structures.

Clean it

Artificial intelligence and machine learning software detects and corrects inaccurate or incomplete spend data and format errors. It then automatically categorises into a single, unified structure and with over $1 trillion ofspend processed to date, this approach leads to exceptionally accurate spend categorisation.

Understand it

Data is presented in customisable output for immediate business use, benchmarking and opportunity identification.

Use it

Xoomworks provides the procurement expertise and momentum for sourcing, cost down and category development activity.

Key Benefits

clean data transfer

Clean data faster

Fuller, cleaner, more accurate and normalised data within the first few weeks rather than months or years.

deliver savings and increase profitability

Deliver savings and increase profitability

Xoomworks work with you to develop a plan to achieve savings, and most importantly, work with you to deliver those savings.

spend data analysis

Full analysis of data

The customised spend data classification and reporting structures are available in an easy to use drill-down format.

better benchmarking data

Better benchmarking data

Gain insight into your industry sectors with full benchmarking capability.

identify operation efficiencies

Identify operational efficiencies

and improve supplier management and contract compliance.

facilitate greater collaboration

Facilitate greater collaboration within procurement teams

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