Effective Source to Pay Training Programme

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This eBook is the 10th chapter of “The Ultimate Guide on Source to Pay Implementation“.

Maximise the potential of your Source to Pay system

Following the investment in your Source to Pay system, you need to ensure you are achieving the best return and using it to its potential. Your users need to know how to use the system, your system administrators must have a sufficient understanding of its workings, and your suppliers should know how to interact with your business.

Training is a key component of implementing a new system, and even if your system has been operating for some time it is well worth providing refresher or targeted training.

A highly trained workforce will help you to obtain the most benefit from your investment in a new S2P system, and maintenance of the training materials will keep skill levels high.

Download the eBook and learn how investing in user training can help you save time and money in the long run.

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