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Procurement in the digitalisation age

By: Alexandra Pogacean | April 25, 2018

In simple terms digital procurement is a combination of tools and processes combined with technology that altogether enable digital procurement across the procurement landscape. The past ten years have seen huge changes to the way businesses serve customers, market their offerings and enhance their supply chains. Digital transformation has brought unprecedented levels of efficiency, service […]

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How to Become Paperless and Why Some Never Will (Part 1)

By: Dan Butts| April 20, 2018

E-Invoicing isn’t the most exciting area of procurement – but it can deliver savings, improve relationships and open-up new possibilities. This Blog series explores the genuine benefits (and costs) associated with setting up e-invoicing, how to measure them, common pitfalls (and how to avoid them) and the bit that’s most often missed – what to […]

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The 7 Steps to an Effective Strategic Sourcing Process

By: Bob Thompson| April 5, 2018

Procurement organisations come in all shapes and sizes, supporting global corporations right down to SME’s right across the globe. As the profession becomes more established globally, those involved learn to follow a hybrid of the following 7 Step Strategic Sourcing process:   Step 1 Profile the category – understanding the category is the first step […]

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Meet the Team – Ioana Vulturar, Team Lead and Service Owner

By: Andrada Sabo| April 5, 2018

April’s Meet the Team interview features Ioana, one of our Team Leads based in Cluj. Ioana is a true professional when it comes to her job and the way she interacts with her clients. But also an artistic and inspiring person when it comes to her life outside the office.   Tell us about your […]

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Transforming NHS back office one step at a time

By: Bob Thompson| April 4, 2018

The NHS has been under increasing financial pressure and is always in the News. It is though, a wonderful legacy for all the people of the United Kingdom and it should be kept available for future generations. Of course, when one talks about the NHS, waiting times, patient care, delays in procedures, over-crowding, patient experience, […]

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SAP Ariba – Risky Business Meets its End (SLP)

By: Jeff Hocking| March 27, 2018

What is SLP? SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance is an innovative supplier lifecycle management tool. Its capabilities are integrated within your procurement processes to help you push spend to preferred suppliers and increase compliance for your entire supply base. SLP provides… a single, accurate supplier record a simple way for suppliers to maintain their […]

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SAP Ariba – The Xoomworks Guide to Ariba Guided Buying

By: Jeff Hocking| March 26, 2018

What is Ariba Guided Buying? Ariba Guided buying brings buyers and suppliers together to streamline procurement processes. By supporting your employees to follow procurement guidelines – without the need to read them first – you can assist them in quickly and easily buying goods and services from preferred suppliers with very little hands-on support from […]

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Sustainable cost reduction in procurement

By: Alexandra Pogacean| March 21, 2018

Achieving a sustainable cost reduction in procurement is not easy. Companies are under a lot of pressure to be extremely efficient and to cut costs. Significant cost savings can be achieved if different key factors within the procurement process are taken into consideration. This usually depends on the ability of the CPO to inspire the […]

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Our highlights from eWorld February 2018

By: Andrada Sabo| March 16, 2018

Another year, another successful eWorld event! Just like every year we started off the event season with the leading bi-annual event for Procurement and Supply Chain Innovation, and just like every year we had a great time and had the opportunity to meet some of the industry leaders, learn and share innovations and connect with […]

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