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Upskill your procurement team

By: Alexandra Pogacean | February 13, 2019

Having a world class procurement function has become a hot topic over the past few years with more and more procurement departments really stepping up their game in order to deliver a greater return on investments for the business.   Challenges As the Deloitte’s global chief procurement survey pointed out, 51% of procurement leaders believe […]

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Digital trends affecting Procurement – RPA and P2P (part 3)

By: Andrada Sabo| February 7, 2019

Technology is fascinating. It makes us realise that what we used to consider Sci-Fi as children is becoming normal, everyday reality. We’ve now covered what AI and ML can do for procurement, how they’ve simplified complicated task and automated rigorous processes. And this is merely a small part of what AI and ML technologies can […]

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Transform supplier collaboration into a competitive advantage

By: Alexandra Pogacean| February 5, 2019

Procurement systems are most powerful when the majority of spend and suppliers are flowing through it. In turn, this helps improve the user experience, increase compliance and savings and reduce costs. Supplier enablement services can dramatically increase the number of suppliers enabled onto your systems and in turn increase the benefits your organisation can achieve. […]

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Digital trends affecting Procurement – ML and Source to Contract (part 2)

By: Andrada Sabo| February 1, 2019

In part 1 of our “Digital Trends and how they are affecting Procurement” blog series we tried to paint a picture of where technology is today and the way in which procurement is making use of this new technology; and we started off the conversation with Artificial Intelligence. When talking about artificial intelligence you can’t […]

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Digitising payment processes – the first step to digital transformation

By: Alexandra Pogacean| January 30, 2019
payment processes

These days the benefits of digital automation are increasingly well-recognised. When so much of our business and personal lives are digitised, it seems almost ancient to still have teams of people handling paper invoices. One of the most important steps in bringing a company into the 21st century is digitalisation.The P2P landscape is changing rapidly […]

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Digital trends affecting Procurement – AI and Spend Analysis (part 1)

By: Andrada Sabo| January 14, 2019

We live in a time of innovation and fast emerging technologies. Our everyday lives are affected by these innovative technologies as they are also changing the way we live our lives. Amazon and similar platforms have changed the way we buy things, whilst Netflix and social networks have changed the way we spend our free […]

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What’s new in procurement technology?

By: Alexandra Pogacean| December 20, 2018
procurement technology

Research estimates that procurement departments are spending up to 30% of their time on activities that prevent them from tackling the challenges that really matter- such as negotiating better contracts, achieving greater value for money, increasing spend under management and reducing risk. Building a world class procurement function means driving ongoing behavioral and organisational change […]

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SAP Ariba SNAP – delivered by Xoomworks

By: Alexandra Pogacean| November 28, 2018

In a volatile economic environment with pressure on increasing share price value and declining profit margins, it can be hard to find the time to focus on making savings and achieving efficiencies. Businesses are additionally faced with continuous challenges from areas such as: Gaps in current technology infrastructure Businesses challenging Procurement Directorates Regulatory challenges Poor […]

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Our highlights from Coupa Inspire London ‘18

By: Andrada Sabo| November 23, 2018

It has now become a bit of a tradition for Xoomworks to attend Coupa Inspire, one of Europe’s leading Business Spend Management events, we are very fortunate to also be a regular sponsor of this hugely successful event organised by our partner Coupa. The publicity leading up to the event looked very promising, this left […]

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