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Blockchain – What are the opportunities for procurement?

By: Alexandra Pogacean | May 27, 2019

Blockchain technology is not only related to crypto-currencies, that only scratches the surface of blockchain which has the capability of going far beyond the means of just financial transactions. Even though when thinking about blockchain the first thing that comes into mind is finance, blockchain technology can transform your procurement function too.  Blockchain is revolutionising […]

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Solutions for release management in eProcurement software

By: Alexandra Pogacean| May 15, 2019

Removing the risk of adverse impacts to your production environment, as a result of new system upgrades, is a priority for effective release management. Release Management services deliver this by managing the activity spikes when upgrades are applied and provides recommendations of new functionality that improve the use of the system. Changes in your procure […]

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Procurement payment terms – part 2 – Opportunities

By: Alexandra Pogacean| April 24, 2019
Procurement payment terms

In part 1 of this blog series we talked about procurement payment terms as a general approach. In the second part of the series we will delve a bit deeper into how optimising your procurement payment terms can significantly improve your overall cost savings. These are the areas to focus on in order to take […]

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Meet the Team – Paul Tempest, Service Delivery Manager

By: Alexandra Pogacean| April 15, 2019
Meet the Team

This month’s meet the team section welcomes Paul Tempest, Service Delivery Manager. Paul has been working at Xoomworks for more than a decade and he manages the Operational Procurement Support centre.    1. Tell us about your time/journey in Xoomworks I joined Xoomworks back in 2002 as an Analyst working on a number of procurement […]

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Procurement Payment Terms – part 1 – The Basics

By: Alexandra Pogacean| April 11, 2019
Procurement Payment Terms

Trying to keep your relationships with your suppliers can be a tricky situation, especially when we are referring to payment terms. Finding a supplier that offers good payment terms can take time. As we live in an ever changing business environment, many procurement departments try to achieve cost savings from negotiating better payment terms with […]

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How to incorporate digitalisation into your payment process

By: Alexandra Pogacean| April 8, 2019

As per the most recent survey done by Deloitte CPOs main interest and goal is still to achieve cost reduction (79%). Their research also discovered seven main areas that are of major interest for high-performing procurement leaders:  Photo credit: The Deloitte Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2018 In this article, we’ll try and address the […]

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The Quest for Sourcing Excellence – Part 3

By: Andrada Sabo| March 22, 2019

In part 2 of this blog series we uncovered the 6 steps companies need to follow in order to get a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their current sourcing process. We want to first just put it out there: It’s OK to have weaknesses. All the successful organisations have […]

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Aligning Procurement Strategy with the Business Strategy

By: Alexandra Pogacean| March 19, 2019
procurement strategy

Procurement has become a key enabler in the generation of incremental profits and is now  becoming the custodian of third party risk awareness and risk mitigation. This trend has been an evolving journey for over 50 years. In particular, looking back at the statistics post 2008 when the world experienced the global financial crash, organisations […]

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The Quest for Sourcing Excellence – Part 2

By: Andrada Sabo| March 14, 2019

In the first part of this blog series we tried to illustrate the role that sourcing plays in the success of an organisation’s procurement strategy. It’s clear, having a strong sourcing process in place can help deliver significant savings and get more value from the procurement function.    But how do we get sourcing to […]

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