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How important is cash flow management in procurement?

By: Alexandra Pogacean | September 28, 2018

Cash flow and procurement are linked in many ways. It’s crucial to know how cash comes into the business but also having a strategic approach on how cash leaves the business is just as important. Visibility on the organisation’s resources is mandatory in order to keep the cash flow under control. Understanding how money is […]

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Thank you to the wonderful people of Xoomworks Procurement

By: Andrada Sabo| September 21, 2018

People enjoy working for certain companies for very different reasons. Some people stay with the same organisation for years because they enjoy the office atmosphere, or the after-hours social activities, for some an ever-challenging environment is what keeps them motivated, while for others doing the same thing, that they know they’re good at, offers them […]

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Top 5 Tips to Improve Procurement Performance

By: Andrada Sabo| September 19, 2018

The business world is changing rapidly with new technologies, industries and methodologies appearing every day. An organisation that was flourishing a couple of years ago, might be turning zero profit today, using the same technology or even the same strategy. Not only is technology evolving, but behaviors are also changing. This also applies to procurement […]

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How to make eAuction work for your business

By: Andrada Sabo| September 14, 2018

Buying and selling goods, is an age-old problem. From prehistoric times humans have thought of new and advantageous ways of buying and selling goods – from either side of the transaction. From barters and bargaining to online shopping and bitcoin trading, we have always been creative with the way we buy and sell goods. Indeed, […]

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Risk Management in Procurement Processes (KPIs to consider)

By: Alexandra Pogacean| September 10, 2018

Managing risk is still an important aspect for CFO’s according to the Deloitte Survey Report, 54% of the financial specialists surveyed mentioned that managing risk is a priority for the next 12 months. CFO’s feel that Brexit represents one of the biggest risks to the procurement landscape and in general, for businesses, according to the […]

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Keeping up with Procurement Trends – Technology vs The Human Factor

By: Andrada Sabo| August 31, 2018

Fear of new things is a very typical human behavior. People like the comfort of things they are already used to and have been doing for a long time. There are, however, a smaller percentage of people that see innovation as being an exciting and thrilling adventure that allows them to conquer new territories and […]

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Key benefits of Operational Procurement Services

By: Alexandra Pogacean| August 22, 2018

Organisations are continuously searching for ways to standardise their operational procedures and processes so as to maintain cost saving objectives. A procurement department has a great opportunity to follow suit by combining the standardisation and the automation of the operational procurement processes, here’s how: Because of the rapid technological changes in ERP technology and web-based […]

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Tackling tail spend – it’s time to address the issue

By: Andrada Sabo| August 14, 2018

Category management, spend analysis and contract management – all the processes that ensure spend is handled properly in an organisation. Risk is controlled, compliance is maintained and the organisation is delivering savings. But these activities don’t apply to 100% of a company’s spend. It accounts for about 80%, which is still a lot but not […]

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e-Invoicing – Part 2: The benefits and how it can impact your business

By: Andrada Sabo| August 3, 2018

Now that we know what the prerequisites for an e-Invoice enabled business are, and we’re one step closer to understanding if e-Invoicing is right for your business, we need to make sure we understand the benefits and that we can maintain an environment where e-Invoicing keeps on delivering on the business case. In part 2 […]

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