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Meet the Team – David Dolan, Principal Consultant

By: Alexandra Pogacean | September 24, 2019

September’s meet the team section features David Dolan, one of our Principal Consultants based in UK.  David is currently involved in Coupa projects and outside of work he enjoys swimming and spending time with his lovely family!   1. Tell us about your time/journey in Xoomworks I started working for Xoomworks in November 2012 and […]

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Guided Buying – What is it and why do I need It?

By: Peter Rolfe| September 16, 2019

Why you should implement Guided Buying in your organisation and some Best Practice tips. What is Guided Buying? As an organisation you want to make best use of your skilled procurement people but may be wary of opening up purchasing to other users in the business. Guided Buying is the solution which enables you to […]

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e-Procurement implementation – during the journey

By: Andrada Sabo| September 9, 2019

In our previous blog we were talking about how organisations tend to focus more on the actual “implementation” part of an e-procurement project, while sometimes neglecting the before phase and aftercare. There are some very common mistakes and misunderstandings made during the implementation phase which can easily be avoided. For example, the business case and […]

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e-Procurement implementation – the start of the journey

By: Andrada Sabo| September 2, 2019

It is a known fact that most companies focus heavily on the “during” stage of an e-procurement implementation project. It is thought to require the most attention, and more often than not, companies don’t take the time to properly understand their business needs before implementation and forget about aftercare. In this blog series we plan […]

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E-procurement – huge opportunities, low adoption rates

By: Alexandra Pogacean| August 29, 2019

Many companies already have in place some piece of digital procurement technology. Implementing a new end-to-end procurement solution however, can be a very difficult and challenging task to fulfill. These past years have seen multiple big changes in the way organisations meet their business objectives. Digital transformation on its own has brought with it extraordinary […]

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Getting the most out of your S2P software solution – improvement opportunities – part 2

By: Andrada Sabo| August 8, 2019

In part one of this blog series we talked about the importance of continually monitoring the performance of your procurement software solution and we provided some insights into how you can do this, whilst at the same time obtaining in-depth information about your system and the areas that may require future attention. We also talked […]

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Meet the Team – Delia Demian – OPS Team Lead

By: Alexandra Pogacean| August 5, 2019

August’s meet the team section features Delia Demian, one of our Operational Procurement Support Team Leads, based in Cluj-Napoca. Delia is a true professional, always happy to help our clients and colleagues. She has 2 cats, loves playing video games and reading.   1. Tell us about your time/journey in Xoomworks I started working in […]

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Getting the most out of your S2P software solution – improvement opportunities – part 1

By: Andrada Sabo| July 25, 2019

You’ve implemented a S2P software solution and now all your procurement worries can be put to rest. From now on it’s smooth-sailing. Hopefully, not many organisations think so. The implementation phase is just a step towards transforming your procurement function into a valuable corporate asset. It is, however, a crucial step which, if not done […]

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Speeding up the invoice approval time

By: Alexandra Pogacean| July 22, 2019

Organisations nowadays have the fundamental need to cut costs and be more efficient. As a result, companies have started taking a much closer look at how they manage and track their spend. Having an e-invoicing solution can help bring a lot of advantages to these activities.  Even today the invoice approval process can still be […]

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