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100% Remote working – Delivering successful procurement implementation projects in testing times

By: Alexandra Pogacean | April 14, 2020

As a source to pay procurement consultancy who has been in business for 20 years, we have seen a lot of change in our industry and been through a number of difficult times. We began in the days of long, customised, ‘on-premise’ procurement system implementations with large, on-site teams and have weathered the storms of […]

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5 Principles for Successful Change in Source to Pay Projects

By: Ian Dagg| April 9, 2020

In part 1 of this blog we covered the reasons why change management is often difficult to get right when it comes to Source to Pay (S2P) technology implementation projects. Now let’s talk about 5 principles that companies should bear in mind to deliver change in a S2P context successfully.   1. Start Change Management […]

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Why is Change Management difficult to get right? (part 1)

By: Ian Dagg| April 3, 2020

Change Management often has a tough time when it comes to Source to Pay (S2P) software implementation projects. At one end of the spectrum it’s fluffy and vague – an after-thought to the main party, and at the other end it can be overkill which can ironically result in resistance to change. But get it […]

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Source to Pay – a solution to making cost savings

By: Alexandra Pogacean| March 19, 2020

Through transformational business practices, procurement has become a key enabler for the generation of incremental profits. Businesses have continued to step up their levels of focus on the cost base. They have also identified  the need for strategic partnerships and the necessity to transform their procurement function. Procurement has recognised that it needs to elevate […]

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How to tackle the shortage of talent in procurement

By: Andrada Sabo| March 17, 2020

Before learning some of the ways in which you can deal with the shortage of talent in procurement, it’s important to understand how and why we got to this point in the first place. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you have a quick look at part 1 of this blog series, as we […]

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Understanding the shortage of talent in procurement

By: Andrada Sabo| March 11, 2020

More than 50% of employers around the world struggle to find procurement talent and the percentage goes up to 73% when it comes to senior leadership and executive positions, finds a CIPS conducted survey. The percentages tend to increase every year. But it’s not only procurement which suffers from a shortage of talent, this is […]

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Meet the Team – Bianca Dumitru, OPS Team Lead

By: Alexandra Pogacean| March 9, 2020

This month in our Meet the Team section we welcome, Bianca Dumitru, one of our Operation Procurement Support Team Leads based in Cluj-Napoca. Besides leading one of our OPS teams, Bianca is also involved in Coupa and Jaggaer projects. She loves to spend her free time with Javi, (her dog), reading, cooking and playing video […]

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Do stakeholders really understand the value your Purchase to Pay system brings to the organisation?

By: Alexandra Pogacean| February 26, 2020

Procurement’s success depends heavily on its ability to engage with its stakeholders. To understand how much you really know about your stakeholders, we recommended you go out and ask your suppliers, sponsors and internal business users what their view of the procurement function is. Almost always the responses are quite different than expected. A client […]

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Why a S2P solution didn’t solve all your procurement challenges

By: Andrada Sabo| February 19, 2020

“Because a software implementation alone doesn’t change processes, it also doesn’t magically improve your procurement strategy and most definitely doesn’t change behaviour.” That would be the short answer to our title. Now let’s dive in a bit deeper and analyse the real situation. Implementing a new piece of software or upgrading to a better software […]

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