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Five Golden Rules for eAuction Success

By: Ian Dagg | October 7, 2015

Success in eAuctions can be a difficult prospect, especially if you’re just starting out. We’ve come up with our top five golden rules for success in this tricky field: Contractual restrictions can reduce or eliminate a particular opportunity’s attractiveness. Ensure that what you are auctioning is not currently tied into a contract with a current […]

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The Ethics of eAuctions

By: Ian Dagg| October 6, 2015

eAuctions have become more commonplace within business over the last 15-20 years, though in some quarters there is still scepticism over their effectiveness and uncertainty in how to drive good, fair results. Are people scared by how they are perceived by suppliers? Generally, individuals and organisations are happy to take on the competition. Many suppliers […]

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The Different Types of eAuction

By: Ian Dagg| October 6, 2015

eAuctions are a way to accelerate negotiations between a buyer and seller, and conclude the bidding process with a dynamic alternative to final negotiations. But what are the different types of eAuction and when should you use them? Classic Reverse Auction The buyer sets a starting price from which suppliers start, and also potentially a reserve price at which the […]

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Using business intelligence, intelligently

By: Ian Dagg| March 3, 2015
business intelligence

  There are several key parts to getting BI working well for you – working out what to measure, getting the right data together, presenting the information coherently, and finally, using the results to change behaviour. There is no doubt that procurement needs BI to respond intelligently as it is driven to deliver greater savings, […]

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Webcast Procurement to the People

By: Peter May| July 18, 2014

Do you face challenges such as paper-based processes, multiple systems and seasonal workforce? This joint webinar on how Bourne Leisure deployed Coupa successfully to face these challenges in order to now have 100% user adoption, 90% electronic invoicing and 100% spend capture!

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A roundtable discussion on Procurement

By: Peter May| July 17, 2014

We are very proud of Simon Hurst, our Principal Procurement Consultant here at Xoomworks. He recently spoke at the Procurement Leaders Roundtable held by Procserve. The Group looked at Procurement Transformations and Spend Analytics. Specifically new angles for driving more value from the data at our disposal and also ways to make this happen from the perspectives of new developments in the use of Analytics.

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Balance Risk and Control for P2P to Deliver ROI

By: Xoomworks Author| November 14, 2013

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Ian Dagg and Simon Hurst of Xoomworks.

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Find out more about the Procurement Revolution

By: David Bone| June 7, 2013

At Xoomworks we are passionate about helping organisations transform procurement functions into stronger corporate assets.

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Xoomworks – ‘Procurement Leaders’ Finalists 2013

By: David Bone| May 30, 2013

Xoomworks have just returned from a few days with the Procurement Leaders network – two days at the very informative World Procurement Congress and one evening at the very drink-based Procurement Leaders awards where we were sponsors and also shortlisted as a finalist for the Best Procurement Service Provider award.

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