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Now it’s the time to up your procurement game

By: | October 28, 2016
world class procurement solutions

Cost based transformation in its broadest sense is more than just the procurement of goods and services; it is an opportunity for an organisation to become a world class leader. And now perhaps more than ever, if considered and operated correctly with the right stakeholder buy-in, procurement is uniquely placed to offer businesses more than […]

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Coupa Inspire 2016 Reflections

By: | October 14, 2016
coupa inspire event london 2016

London’s Coupa Inspire 2016  was incredible as was seeing how much the event has grown over the last 3 years. The take up was huge, with a really good mix of both prospects and existing Coupa customers. For us it was a great opportunity to catch up with so many Xoomworks customers, be introduced to plenty of […]

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The prerequisites and considerations for World Class procurement

By: | October 13, 2016
consideratinos for world class procurement solutions

  In the current economic climate with organisations facing continued challenges around profit enhancement, margin focus and achieving greater capability, there has never been a better opportunity for procurement to raise its game to offer a greater return for organisations. Going forward, it is expected that enterprise level organisations, as a consequence of the complexity […]

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Transforming to a more strategic procurement business

By: | September 27, 2016
transforming to a more strategic procurement business

  Typically, Procurement functions operate within a limited transactional based mandate: to purchase goods and services. By contrast World class Procurement organisations have a far broader and commercially based remit extending to areas of spend such as: strategic Marketing Services (including Advertising, PR and Market Research) Technology Deals, Property Acquisitions, Strategic Partnerships, Restructuring, Acquisitions and […]

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Moving to the Cloud – key differences for technology implementation

By: Ian Dagg| July 26, 2016
Coupa news

The rise of the Cloud has revolutionised the way in which individuals and businesses use and consume technology. The speed at which consumer led cloud technology has accelerated has empowered individuals with a thorough understanding of the capabilities of modern applications. As a result, businesses and their IT departments are coming under increasing internal pressure […]

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Rise of the procurement cloud – one step closer to the ‘Amazon experience’

By: Ian Dagg| July 19, 2016
moving to the cloud

  When considering procurement, many people ask “why can’t we provide a purchasing experience more like an online retailer?” There is a consensus that for many companies the greatest obstacle when it comes to managing spend is not a lack of clear procurement processes or unreliable software but is often simply down to poor user […]

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5 effects of the rising Cloud on corporate IT

By: Ian Dagg| July 6, 2016
effect of cloud on corporate it

With the rise of consumer cloud products, people in business now expect a user experience that is similar to what they might find on their Smart phones, or from online retail stores like Amazon. It’s all about finding innovative solutions, having them readily accessible, and wrapped up in a nice user experience. Many modern corporate […]

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How to take advantage of payables financing

By: Jamie Holmes| June 6, 2016
Position yourself to take advantage of payables financing

As a direct follow on from our recent blog about buyer driven financing options, here we discuss what organisations need be thinking about before embracing payables financing options, and how they can prepare internally before implementing them.   Training and support with the suppliers It is important to spend time with the suppliers to explain […]

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4 payables financing options: unlock funds and remove risk

By: Jamie Holmes| June 2, 2016
4 buyer driven financing options

  With an estimated £327bn of trade credit locked up in the UK trading network alone (N.Wilson CMRC), and at least 30% of global suppliers being paid 15 days or more late (survey by Taulia), the most forward thinking Procurement, Finance and Treasury professionals have recognised the opportunity for growth that can be unleashed through […]

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