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How to position yourself to take advantage of payables financing

By: Jamie Holmes | June 6, 2016
Position yourself to take advantage of payables financing

As a direct follow on from our recent blog about buyer driven financing options, here we discuss what organisations need be thinking about before embracing payables financing options, and how they can prepare internally before implementing them.   Training and support with the suppliers It is important to spend time with the suppliers to explain […]

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4 payables financing options: unlock funds, generate savings, and de-risk the supply chain

By: Jamie Holmes| June 2, 2016
4 buyer driven financing options

  With an estimated £327bn of trade credit locked up in the UK trading network alone (N.Wilson CMRC), and at least 30% of global suppliers being paid 15 days or more late (survey by Taulia), the most forward thinking Procurement, Finance and Treasury professionals have recognised the opportunity for growth that can be unleashed through […]

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Five key advances in supply chain technology

By: Jamie Holmes| April 21, 2016

  It’s said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. As a complex and often intricate structure of buyer and seller relationships, the supply chain is no different. Thankfully, technology needn’t be a weak link. In fact, today it can be used to strengthen the entire chain, end-to-end. Here are some […]

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How to kickoff Coupa Source to Pay projects – stop molehills becoming mountains

By: | April 13, 2016
how to start coupa source to pay projects

Most organisations expend the lion’s share of their energy and attention on the system implementation of a Source to Pay (S2P) solution. In reality to deliver maximum savings and benefits, it is vital to spend just as much time during project initiation. You have to be properly prepared internally before embarking on any implementation. Xoomworks […]

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How to avoid 4 common Source to Pay implementation pitfalls

By: Ian Dagg| April 6, 2016
procurement pitfalls

  Ian Dagg, Director of Xoomworks Procurement Consulting, has identified 4 areas that he believes are most commonly overlooked during  Source to Pay implementation projects. During his 18+ years of Industry experience Ian has seen organisations stumble over these key focus points again and again. Make sure to learn from their mistakes and streamline your organisation’s implementation […]

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The 5 most common pitfalls of complex sourcing events

By: Ian Dagg| March 30, 2016
The five common pitfalls of complex sourcing events

   Following our latest series of posts around the intricacies of complex sourcing events, the best practice to aim for and just what constitutes a “complex” event, this post explores the top five things to avoid and the typical pitfalls that can plague anyone arranging and running complex sourcing events:   1. Using an Excel bid sheet attached […]

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Best Practice: Unlock the full potential of complex sourcing events

By: Ian Dagg| March 17, 2016

  Following our recent blog around defining complex sourcing events, this post focuses on the best practices to follow when undertaking these types of events.    Follow your normal process: Just because the sourcing event you are running is complex in nature, it doesn’t mean that you should stray from your standard sourcing process. Steps […]

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What constitutes a complex sourcing event?

By: Ian Dagg| March 10, 2016

  The advanced functionality in modern sourcing systems can be utilised to help efficiently run complex sourcing events. But what actually constitutes a complex sourcing event, and why should you consider increasing the complexity of your events? There are a number of reasons that a sourcing event might be considered complex. Firstly, event complexity can […]

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A Saucing Christmas Tale!

By: Jamie Holmes| December 17, 2015
christmas sourcing tale

    Once upon a time, in a land far too close to home there lived a man……….. A man who only wanted to do his best at Christmas, but try and as he might, he could not keep those he loved happy with his buying skills. This man had a loving wife and loving children […]

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