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How to set the scene for your Source to Pay implementation project

By: Andrada Sabo | July 14, 2020

Implementing a Source to Pay System is an important step towards better saving opportunities, improved efficiency and better control over spend. However, in order to take advantage of the full spectrum of benefits that come with a new Source to Pay system, organisations need to make sure they get the implementation process right.  The processes […]

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Meet the team – Lyubka Dimitrova, OPS Team Lead

By: Alexandra Pogacean| June 30, 2020

In our Meet the Team section we welcome, Lyubka Dimitrova, one of our Operation Procurement Support Team Leads based in Sofia. She loves to read, watch TV series and sport.   Tell us about your time in Xoomworks I have been with Xoomworks for almost a year and that seems like a blink of an eye. […]

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How to build a successful Source to Pay Blueprint

By: Alexandra Pogacean| June 22, 2020
source to pay blueprint

  When embarking on a Source to Pay transformation journey we always recommend having a Source to Pay blueprint. The success of Source to Pay and Purchase to Pay projects, deeply depend on your organisation having: A clear vision of the future state of your digital procurement function that will lead and influence your technology investment and project Selected a technology solution that will meet its diverse requirement […]

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Top Business Spend Management pre-implementation tips

By: Alexandra Pogacean| June 16, 2020
business spend management

During the business spend management implementation projects we have carried out over the years, we repeatedly encountered issues which can easily be avoided with a bit of pre-implementation preparation. Some delays can be brief and some much longer, but all end up weakening the projects’ momentum. The better prepared an organisation is the smoother a project will run, the quicker they go-live and the greater the benefits will be from day one. There are several high impact pre-implementation activities that can […]

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Remote Cloud – How Procurement Software Implementation Methodology is Evolving

By: Alexandra Pogacean| May 11, 2020

The way we store and manage spend data is ever changing, disruptive productivity suites such as Microsoft Office 365 has led to the migration of long-standing desktop applications to the cloud. Individuals are becoming more and more expectant of their remote technology to support them in this hyper-connected world. But what does the remote cloud […]

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The Shift to Specialised Procurement Consultancies – Part 2

By: Andrada Sabo| May 5, 2020

Why specialised procurement consultancies can significantly help reduce project risk We continue this blog series, based on our team’s research, with an article on project risk. We recently released an eBook called “The Shift to Specialised Consultancies for Procurement Implementations” based on multiple conversations and feedback from those that have worked with us. To get […]

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The Shift to Specialised Procurement Consultancies – Part 1

By: Andrada Sabo| April 22, 2020

Specialised resources and the importance of building long-term relationships After a variety of conversations and feedback from those who have worked with us, we felt there is a shift happening in the procurement consulting space, many more companies now prefer to partner with smaller, more niche consultancies rather than one of the big brand Global […]

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Can I seriously embark on a S2P implementation project now?

By: Alexandra Pogacean| April 21, 2020

Until recently, we spent an average of 60% of a project working remotely from clients.  Typically, this was for the more routine activities of configuration, testing, move to production and support.  The more nuanced kick-off and design workshops were mostly reserved for face to face working.  Of the 15 S2P/P2P implementation projects we are currently […]

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100% Remote working – Delivering successful procurement implementation projects in testing times

By: Alexandra Pogacean| April 14, 2020

As a source to pay procurement consultancy who has been in business for 20 years, we have seen a lot of change in our industry and been through a number of difficult times. We began in the days of long, customised, ‘on-premise’ procurement system implementations with large, on-site teams and have weathered the storms of […]

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