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What’s new in procurement technology?

By: alexandrapogacean | December 20, 2018

Research estimates that procurement departments are spending up to 30% of their time on activities that prevent them from tackling the challenges that really matter- such as negotiating better contracts, achieving greater value for money, increasing spend under management and reducing risk. Building a world class procurement function means driving ongoing behavioral and organisational change […]

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SAP Ariba SNAP – delivered by Xoomworks

By: alexandrapogacean| November 28, 2018

In a volatile economic environment with pressure on increasing share price value and declining profit margins, it can be hard to find the time to focus on making savings and achieving efficiencies. Businesses are additionally faced with continuous challenges from areas such as: Gaps in current technology infrastructure Businesses challenging Procurement Directorates Regulatory challenges Poor […]

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Strategic Sourcing – best practices

By: alexandrapogacean| October 31, 2018

Sourcing is a continuous, iterative and comprehensive activity which can profoundly impact the direction and effectiveness of an organisation. The scale and scope of sourcing projects can vary enormously and the approach to a project should be specific and targeted. Supplier selection is a major component of any sourcing approach and technology can greatly facilitate […]

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How to improve the adoption process of your P2P solution

By: alexandrapogacean| October 9, 2018

Organisations continually need to find ways to cut back and optimise their spend. Today nearly all businesses understand that adopting e-procurement software, along with converting to e-invoices, brings the most savings whilst simultaneously modernising the procurement department. So why is adoption still slow?   Challenges in e-procurement adoption Even though e-procurement brings numerous benefits to […]

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How important is cash flow management in procurement?

By: alexandrapogacean| September 28, 2018

Cash flow and procurement are linked in many ways. It’s crucial to know how cash comes into the business but also having a strategic approach on how cash leaves the business is just as important. Visibility on the organisation’s resources is mandatory in order to keep the cash flow under control. Understanding how money is […]

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Risk Management in Procurement Processes (KPIs to consider)

By: alexandrapogacean| September 10, 2018

Managing risk is still an important aspect for CFO’s according to the Deloitte Survey Report, 54% of the financial specialists surveyed mentioned that managing risk is a priority for the next 12 months. CFO’s feel that Brexit represents one of the biggest risks to the procurement landscape and in general, for businesses, according to the […]

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Key benefits of Operational Procurement Services

By: alexandrapogacean| August 22, 2018

Organisations are continuously searching for ways to standardise their operational procedures and processes so as to maintain cost saving objectives. A procurement department has a great opportunity to follow suit by combining the standardisation and the automation of the operational procurement processes, here’s how: Because of the rapid technological changes in ERP technology and web-based […]

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Integrating your procurement platform into your ERP

By: alexandrapogacean| July 31, 2018

Your financial systems are the backbone of your business and integrating procurement technology into these systems can be a real headache if you don’t have the right strategy, experience and tools. Generally, once organisations go live with a new system, there is a large sigh of relief and they start to relax. However there are […]

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How to transform spend data into actionable insights

By: alexandrapogacean| July 24, 2018

Understanding how cash is spent is very important for the effective operation of any business. Yet, businesses still lack clear visibility into spend. This lack of visibility is usually caused by disparate systems across the world, employees spending outside of hard-to-use systems, and spend occurring in different languages or currencies. Once you take the time […]

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