AppZen - AI-Powered Spend Audit

    Xoomworks has partnered with AppZen to provide AI-powered spend auditing.


    Xoomworks are the AppZen experts

    Xoomworks provide implementation and integration of professional services to deliver the AppZen product suite into your business. 

    Audit 100% of your expenses, invoices, and contracts instantly, prior to payment,to spot errors, waste, and fraud.


    Xoomworks is here to help and ensure that you are getting the maximum from your investment using the AppZen platform.


    Reduce Spend

    We help you reduce spend by flagging high-risk or wasteful transactions for review, such as expense errors, fraudulent invoices, or over-the-limit spend.


    Comply with Policy

    We make sure your transactions comply with company policies and applicable regulations, including internal controls associated with Sarbanes-Oxley, contractual guidance concerning spend, and regulations involving payments to politically-exposed individuals.


    Streamline Process

    We streamline your manual process, such as automatically approving all low- and medium-risk transactions, removing managers from the approval workflow, and focusing auditor attention on only high-risk items. All of this is done while enabling finance teams to audit 100% of their spend in real-time.