About Us

    Our team of over 100 professionals consists of experts in the key leading procurement technologies, ex-industry procurement heads and senior procurement change consultants.

    Our strong mix of technical, business and industry experience positions us to help you achieve measurable and sustainable results. We engage at all levels with our clients to build strong, long-lasting relationships as trusted advisors.



    Xoomworks integrated very well with our people and were quickly working as a team. Xoomworks have done a great job for us and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.


    Global Consumer Goods Manufacturer

    We primarily work across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, with some projects moving into Asia and the US. Our Head Office is in London and our consultants are based in the UK, France and South Africa. We also have a multi-lingual Operational Procurement Support team based in Cluj, Romania.


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    Our approach

    We know that the best procurement organisations in the world are valuable corporate assets, not only do they deliver savings, reduce risks, and create better value for money, they model future events, improve their organisation's image, and even increase sales, moving from old-world cost centres to innovative, value-adding revenue generators.

    We guide organisation through this transformation by first looking at what we call the mechanics: the implementation of technology, process, polices and changes to the organisation structure.

    We then build on this solid foundation by focusing on the way people behave and interact with the mechanics. These behaviours are outward-facing elements of procurement relating to brand and direction, employee management, stakeholder engagement and performance improvement.


    Our Differentiators

    Our Differentiation Helps Your Business Mitigate Risk And Enhance Profitability

    strategic_visionProcurement operating model; strategic vision with mechanics

    Our transformation projects focus on cost outcomes, not just processes and technologies. Our transformation program ensures our approach is structured and systematic and delivers you measurable solutions that contribute to incremental profit enhancement and mitigation of risk.

    practical_advicePractical Advice

    Our heritage in implementing transformational and transactional projects ensures that the advice we provide you is both practical and sustainable. Xoomworks can provide end to end capability and responsibility for your transformation journey. 


    risk_sharingRisk sharing

    We offer you a flexible cost model and fee structure to include consideration for a proportion of our fees being at risk linked to identified deliverables.


    practical_adviceCalibre of Resources

    There is complete transparency over the calibre of resources available to your business, and Xoomworks deploys the appropriate level of specialist consulting resource to deliver you the right business outcomes.


    niche-practiceNiche practice

    We understand that a ‘one size fits all’ offering does not work. Xoomworks’ niche consulting expertise will tailor propositions and strategy that are aligned to your industry, target markets, and business challenges.

    one-teamOne Team Approach

    We don’t do change to you, we work in small, mixed teams with you to help deliver the strategy, benefits realisation and team / organisational upskilling required to allow your business to stand on its own, as a self sufficient world class function.