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Chapter 3 – Mobilising Resources and Building Project Team Structure

Having established your vision for your procurement transformation, obtained board backing and selected your procurement software implementation partner, it is now time to mobilise the resources to get the project underway.

This stage of the journey sets the foundations for your procurement software implementation project. Success will depend on getting the right people and resources in place.

Your implementation partner will be able to advise you on what types of resources will be required and what capabilities they should have. You will need to ensure that individuals are identified and assigned to roles within the project structure.

The following steps should be followed during this stage:

Identify Resources:

The resources you need will depend on the scope and complexity of your procurement software implementation. However, there are some key roles that apply in all cases. Generally, the project team will include people from your organisation, the implementation partner and the software provider of your procurement platform.

Build the Project Team:

The project team to support a procurement technology transformation project should follow a well defined model. Whilst it may appear that the responsibilities of each role are obvious, it is vital that each role is clearly defined.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

Define key roles and responsabilities for each of these categories: client team, implementation partner team, software vendor team, steering group, temporary resources

Other Resources:

Such as a physical base for the core team to be located, meeting rooms for events, IT resources, Budget for external spend

Key Success Factors:

Several factors can affect the success of the project and these should be taken into account when forming the team: Capabilities, Knowledge and Backfill.


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Chapter 3 – Mobilising Resources and Building Project Team Structure

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