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Chapter 2 – System and Implementation Partner Selection

System Selection

An essential part of selecting a Source to Pay solution is to frame your procurement vision and the purpose for your project. This ‘Solution Blueprint’ will provide a framework of requirements to build a specific and complete RFP for your solution. It will enable you to develop your technology procurement process, including the criteria by which you assess responses to your RFP. The goal is to select a solution that will meet your diverse requirements, without adding unnecessary complexity.

There are 3 steps to follow when deciding on a Source to Pay system:

  1. Solution Blueprint: Engage with your stakeholders to build your Solution Blueprint, starting with the existing architecture and process flows. Have a look at our How to Build a Successful Source to Pay Solution Blueprint for more detailed information on what this should include.
  2. Request for Proposal: The Solution Blueprint will enable you to define your requirements in an RFP. The RFP should be based on desired outcomes, rather than specific functionality, as there are often different ways to achieve goals. The RFP should invite bidders to define how they can drive success in your organisation.
  3. Evaluating Solutions: Evaluation of the solutions should be based on a combination of standard ‘hygiene’ questions to the provider; company health, experience, references and technical expertise, and how their solution meets your requirements. It is particularly important that sufficient time is provided to the vendors to present their solution and responses.

Implementation Partner Selection

Having set out the vision for your Source to Pay implementation, selected a product to support your target operating model, you will need an implementation partner to assist in the implementation of your solution.

Selection of the right Systems Integrator (SI) is critical to the success of your project. There are a number of factors to take into account when assessing candidates, including:

  1. Experience of implementing S2P cloud solutions
  2. Evidence of success and references
  3. Professional Methodology
  4. Cultural Fit
  5. Cost vs. Value

The objective is to find a partner with the necessary experience, skills, proven methodologies, with the best fit to your organisation, and at the right price.

To learn more about the system and implementation partner selection process download our eBook.

This eBook is the second chapter of The Ultimate Guide on Source to Pay Implementation. If you have any questions about this topic you can leave us a message here and one of our procurement consultants will reach out to you shortly.


Chapter 2 – System and Implementation Partner Selection

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