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The Shift to Specialised Procurement Consultancies

In the past, engaging one of the big brand Global System Integrators (GSIs) was considered a ‘safe bet’, but increasingly smaller and more niche consultancies are challenging this view by offering alternative levels of engagement, expertise and agility. When it comes to transformation, size does not need to be a barrier when you are looking to solve your business challenges.

Xoomworks Procurement is a leading procurement consultancy that helps global to mid-size organisations around the world transform procurement into a valuable corporate asset. With over 400 procurement software implementations completed in more than 65 countries, our rate of project delivery and new clients has increased dramatically over the last few years. In addition, we’ve noticed a number of our clients migrating from the more traditional consultancies.

Below, we outline some of the differences between specialists and globalists based on conversation and feedback from those that have worked with us – both those that selected us first time, and those that are now working with us to support project turnarounds.

The reasons for this shift in the industry include:

1. Specialised resources with greater experience
2. Long term relationships matter
3. Faster, flexible, agile implementation
4. Global capability, rather than global presence
5. Continuous improvement
6. Reducing your project risk

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The Shift to Specialised Procurement Consultancies

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