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S2P tool and ERP integration made easy with XoomConnect

Need to integrate your procurement platform into your ERP, but not sure how?

Your financial systems are the backbone of your business and integrating procurement technology into these systems can be a real headache if you don’t have the right strategy, experience and tools. That’s where XoomConnect comes in.

What is XoomConnect?

Developed by Xoomworks, XoomConnect accelerates and simplifies the technical integration between your procurement tools and financial systems, saving you time and money through implementation and lowering ongoing maintenance costs.

With XoomConnect we can accelerate the integration of the systems in your portfolio by as much as 50%, much faster and less costly than having to engage a third party to provide your integration.

How does it work?

XoomConnect saves you money and time by replacing or working alongside your existing middleware and leveraging our pre-build adapters and configurations for many ERPs.

XoomConnect provides template configurations for your procurement tools in the form of blueprints pre-built with the financial and organisational data models for many of the common ERPs.

XoomConnect provides a management layer to administer the connected systems in your environment, including the transactional data integrations, error handling tools and mapping of the data.

Key benefits

  • Saves time and money by reducing integration effort.
  • Reduces risk by using a proven solution: Integrating the different systems in your landscape as part of a procurement technology implementation can be time-consuming and expensive.
  • ERP independent: XoomConnect works with many ERPs including the latest technologies such as sap S/4 HANA.
  • XoomCOnnect is modular so we can advise you on selecting the elements you really need.
  • Continuous upgrading, maintenance and support: Because XoomConnect is hosted in the cloud, it is updated and testes for new technology releases from software vendors

Why XoomWorks and XoomConnect?

Xoomworks has been implementing and integrating procurement solutions into business for years. This means we understand very clearly where you are likely to face the biggest challenges and impacts on your projects.

Every business has a different technical landscape, different finance systems and different technical skillsets, but that doesn’t mean the integration journey needs to start from a clean sheet of paper.

Download our Value Proposition to get insights from our consultants and learn more about XoomConnect.



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