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Coupa Optimisation with XoomTune

Xoomworks’ proprietary tool helps you fine-tune your Coupa business spend management system.


Going live with Coupa is a major step towards better business spend management – capturing savings, improving efficiency and gaining control. However, it is only the start of a journey and the most successful organisations keep project momentum going to really deliver against the business case.

XoomTune is a business spend management optimisation service from Xoomworks that provides advice and expertise to ensure benefits are identified and achieved from your Coupa solution. It enables you to ensure your solution is continually improved and delivers on your original business case.


XoomTune gives you the tools to evaluate your Coupa system and progress to more in depth analysis and planning including:

  • Analysis of relevant data with high level insights
  • Assessment of where you’re at with your Coupa implementation
  • Help to maximise your Coupa business spend management performance
  • Over 50 separate analyses, as well as comparison against best-in-class benchmark data

This process analyses your production data and identifies areas where the system is providing real value and also identifies areas of opportunity for improvements to be made.


You need to ensure you are getting the most out of your Coupa investment. But sometimes progress can be blocked, either through the mechanics not being right or through less focus on the right user adoption and behaviours.

There are often a number of areas where leveraging the standard functionality would allow a more efficient and optimised Coupa system, creating improved supporting processes and behaviours. But companies often don’t have the internal resources or time to optimise their Coupa solution.

We help you by identifying the root causes of problems, highlight opportunities to deliver a broader and more sustainable range of benefits.

A Xoomworks Solution

XoomTune is designed to help you assess your Coupa business spend management implementation and identify opportunities to optimise Coupa system performance. Following a comprehensive analysis of your data we will provide you with a standardised Coupa Optimisation Report which addresses issues that could be improved to ensure you are obtaining maximum value from your Coupa investment.

Areas that are covered include:

  • Supplier Master Data
  • Transactional Spend Analysis
  • Invoicing Channels
  • Contract Analysis
  • Unutilised Coupa Functionality
  • Supplier Enablement
  • Compliance
  • Approval Analysis
  • Sourcing Analysis
  • Governance and Control
 Coupa recognise the need to identify and measure success metrics in order for clients to ensure that their investment will bring the value identified in the business case as the desired return on investment.


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