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Make your procurement far more profitable with Coupa delivered by Xoomworks


For many companies the greatest obstacle when it comes to managing their spend usually isn’t a lack of clear procurement processes or unreliable software. It is often simply down to poor user adoption of procurement systems that are overly complex or slow. You can have the most comprehensive system in the world but if a significant minority of your employees aren’t using it properly then it isn’t working for you.

Why Coupa?

Your procurement system has to meet a wide number of business drivers, providing:

  • visibility and control
  • compliance
  • risk management
  • cost reductions
  • competitive advantages
  • reputation management
  • stakeholder satisfaction

“Xoomworks brought not only a deep understanding of the Coupa system, but also crucially an innovative and flexible implementation program and a highly skilled team to execute it”
Aidan O’Dea, P2P Manager, Eircom


Strategic Overview

Coupa delivers visibility of all your spending so you can make smarter choices. Its single unified platform provides agility so the business can
adapt over time, along with seamless integration/extension to ERP. High user adoption Coupa’s intuitive functionality makes it very easy to use with minimal training needed. Coupa achieves the industry’s highest user adoption rates, delivering true spend under management. Maximize efficiency while maintaining accounting control Coupa can configure complex rules with ease, and provides the highest return on investment, with absolute lowest TCO and average time to value <6 months.

Save money

Bringing procurement, expenses and invoices all onto one easy-to-use platform delivers cost savings. Coupa’s subscription business model delivers clear ROI.

Streamline the decision-making process

Approval for procurement and expenses requests can be achieved on the move from your mobile phone, via email or the Coupa app. This fully mobile platform drives full adoption and the fastest
approval cycle times (< 1 day).

Cloud-based platform

Coupa from Xoomworks is quick to set up, places little strain on your existing IT team and is easy to access on the move. There is a rapid rate of innovation with 3-4 business maintainable
platform releases per year.

Why Xoomworks

Xoomworks is a leading procurement consultancy that works with a range of global to mid-sized organisations in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US. We specialise in working with organisations to transform their procurement functions from being old-world cost centres to innovative revenue generators. By concentrating as much on changing behaviours as on changing processes and systems, we achieve remarkable results. Xoomworks is uniquely placed to revolutionise your procurement with Coupa. Our team of over 100 professionals consists of experts in Coupa technology, ex-industry procurement heads and senior procurement change consultants, supported by a multilingual European team. Together, we have implemented more Coupa solutions than any other company in EMEA. No one else can offer our mix of agility, experience, reach and affordability.

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