Level: Director

Reporting to: Managing Director, Xoomworks Technology, part of Accenture

Peers: Xoomworks Technology, part of Accenture leadership team

About Xoomworks Technology, part of Accenture

Xoomworks Technology – now part of Accenture, is a specialist unit within Accenture Technology dedicated to building end-to-end digital products that people love to use.

We are looking for a Director of Product & Technology to help lead and inspire our talented, close-knit digital product team and shape our business.

Role overview:

This is a key role in the leadership team of Xoomworks Technology and will involve working extensively with clients and partners and engaging our digital product team alongside the Managing Director, Delivery & Services Directors, and Business Development team.

The successful candidate will have full responsibility and accountability for developing the Product & Tech organisation within Xoomworks and representing the business externally – to clients, the wider Accenture network, and the market in general:

  • Sharing and demonstrating the Xoomworks vision and values
  • Focusing on the big picture and results of the tech organisation while providing on-hands on support for teams as required
  • Engaging with key clients at various levels to ensure:
    • Product engagements are led and governed appropriately
    • Client business drivers and needs are well understood
    • Opportunities for further account development are captured
    • Relationships are built and maintained throughout the delivery journey
  • Representing Xoomworks, part of Accenture, at conferences and events
  • Highlighting tech product opportunities within clients’ organisations
  • Supporting the sales process personally and get involved in sales consultation
  • Participating in HR processes as required (e.g. performance management, appraisals)
  • Contributing to annual budget creation
  • Monthly reporting of key measures and identification of areas for improvement

You will be accountable for:

  • Upholding and promoting Xoomworks’ core values, internally and externally
  • Ensuring technical practice is aligned with Accenture’s engagement models and methodologies, e.g., FORM and other value-added ways of working
  • Evangelising and supporting our Xoomworks OneTeam approachTM in building and supporting high-performing, cross-functional teams
  • Evangelising tech and product externally and internally:
  • Positioning and promoting Xoomworks Technology as a credible digital product delivery partner
  • Promoting Xoomworks Technology’s strengths and building recognition for product delivery capabilities within Accenture 
  • Ensuring the development of the tech capabilities across the organisation
  • Ensuring tech practices are being set up and developed across all our locations, with relevant technologies and concepts
  • Vertical Development – in close collaboration with the Sales, Account Management and Delivery & Services leads
  • Identifying new value propositions with a priority focus on Product and Innovation
  • Championing innovation as a driver of growth and creator of competitive advantage
  • Advocating for Product Management as a value creator, both for clients and internally
  • Sharing accountability within the XT Leadership team for day-to-day XT operations across all functions
  • Establishing OKRs and reporting framework to reflect and monitor the change and progress across the tech and product organisation, in line with the wider objectives of Accenture units of which XT is part
  • Achieving the OKRs across the whole Product & Tech Organisation within XT
  • Supporting the career path development for people in tech and product roles
  • Attracting new tech talent and supporting the process of recruiting new tech talent by preparing training, and coaching tech interviewers/assessors
  • Consolidating, evolving and driving investment in Xoomworks Technology’s core value proposition around UX and Product Management
  • Supporting and guiding the Xoomworks’ Product Academy to cultivate early-career talent.

To apply or find out more about the role, contact:

Steve Jackson, Executive Chairman, Xoomworks Technology, Part of Accenture

[email protected]

Connect with Steve on LinkedIn.