Managing properties and increasing returns using Artificial Intelligence (AI)


About Nestegg

Landlords have many challenges when it comes to effectively managing their rental properties. Today, landlords have two choices: hire an expensive traditional property management company that is often overloaded and unable to provide personalised service, or do it themselves, which can be stressful and overwhelming.

A team of landlords who are veterans from tech companies including Expedia and Amazon aim to take on rental property management with NestEgg, a first of its kind always-on property management platform. After a successful test market trial, NestEgg closed a seed funding round and is in the process of expanding into additional markets.

Over time, the technology needs to get smarter and smarter while NestEgg constantly adds services to the platform to make property management easier.

Highlight the most important tasks for property management

The property algorithm needed to work out the timing and matching, so that every landlord has a unique feed which highlights the most important things to do at any given moment. 
“Property management is one of the biggest challenges for commercial property managers. Property managers are often tasked with the responsibility of finding tenants and keeping units occupied, keeping them satisfied, maintaining infrastructure and machinery, finding vendors, and working as liaisons between the tenants and landlords. For big buildings and commercial properties, this is often a daunting task for managers, which is where machine learning shows its biggest benefits.”

Full application development using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The development team at Xoomworks Technology has provided full-stack software engineering, software quality assurance engineering, business analysis (requirements capture) and project management services for the NestEgg project. The application needed a simple, clean and easily navigable homepage, a property dashboard with task-like lists for a quick overview. Workflows were created for landlord signup, password reset, landlord property creation and for onboarding content. Landlord event reminders were included on one card to be shown on the dashboard. Email notifications of events were automated. Tenant details and scanned documents can be stored. SDKs were added such as Google Analytics tracking pixels and Optimizely, and CMS choice was agreed upon so that copy and CTA labels changes can be made rapidly on the website/in-app. The property algorithm works out the timing and matching to highlight the most important tasks. Over time, technology gets smarter and smarter. Continuously added new services make property management easier.

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The results: revitalising the real estate management industry with the power of DIY

Self-manage landlords: Using the latest AI technology with features including personalised timeline and dashboard, lease and tenant management, bill tracking notifications, etc. as well as Professional Services, NestEgg is revitalising the real estate management industry with the power of DIY.

On-demand access: Landlords can register for free at to turn on always-on property management for their properties and get access to on-demand professionals. Landlords are encouraged to try NestEgg to compare it to their existing property management solution.


Xoomworks do more than just write the code, they understand the business goal and help shape the product around it. When we asked landlords what would make them happy, they said they wanted a knowledgeable property manager focused on keeping their tenants happy and access to the highest-rated tradespeople at the best prices, and all for free. Using the latest AI technology, that’s exactly what we built.


Eachan Fletcher

CEO, Nestegg

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